The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Niue
The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Niue

The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Niue

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Weddings, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways to Niue

An out-of-the-ordinary romantic escape awaits on the island of Niue. While the “Rock of the Pacific” might not exactly evoke images of romance, don’t be fooled. This is a relaxed island with some of the most pristine waters and secluded beaches and coves in the South Pacific. Not many people have even heard of Niue, but the world’s largest raised coral atoll provides effortless romance with its soothing tropical climate, beautiful land and seascapes, wildlife, welcoming locals and more. Honeymooners will find remote stays elevated on clifftops for incredible views or those looking to tie the knot can create a unique island wedding with the island’s one and only resort. Let us guide you through your romantic getaway with this wedding and honeymoon guide to Niue.

Romantic Things to Do in Niue

  • Learn a new skill together in a scuba diving course
  • Find yourselves a secluded snorkelling spot
  • See how you would fare being marooned together on an island with a nature tour
  • Treat your loved one to a fabulous dinner
  • Stargaze in some of the darkest skies
  • Cycle the uncrowded bike trails
  • Get competitive with a round of golf
  • Explore the coast together by SUP or kayak
  • Experience a life-changing encounter together on a whale swimming tour
  • Impress each other with a huge catch on a fishing charter

For more details on each experience, see the 10 Romantic Activities in Niue for Couples.

The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Niue(c)

How to Get to Niue

Your honeymoon to Niue is made simple with only one airline flying to this remote island. Once you’ve arrived, enjoy an independent getaway by hiring a car or rely on a mix of accommodation transfers and bike hire. See all of your options in the 8 Ways to Get to Niue (& Get Around Niue). Otherwise, here’s a quick overview…

Flights to Niue

Flights to Niue are available with Air New Zealand, flying twice weekly from Auckland Airport. The flight takes approximately three hours and lands at Niue’s international airport, Hanan Airport. See How to Get to Niue for more information.

Car Rental in Niue

With no public transport (except for one taxi), many choose to rent a car at least for some of their time in Niue. Car rental companies offer airport drop-off, as well as pick-up from their depots in Alofi and elsewhere. To drive a car in Niue, you will need to purchase a Niue Driver’s License from the Alofi Police Station. Find out more in The Guide to Car Hire in Niue.

Airport Transfers

Many accommodations featured in this guide offer complimentary airport transfers. You’ll be met by your hosts at the airport on arrival and transported to your new abode. Note that this service needs to be booked before arrival.

Bicycle Hire

For making short trips or, if you’re feeling adventurous, to hit the bike trails, Niue has bike hire available. Some accommodations, like Breeze, has bike hire included in your stay. Find out more about cycling in Niue in The Guide to Mountain Biking in Niue.

The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Niue(c) Niue Tourism

Honeymoon Activities in Niue

Romance is found in the tranquillity, the remoteness and the pristine nature of Niue. Make the most of this unique raised coral atoll, as well as your special time together, by taking part in some of these romantic activities.

Learn to Scuba Dive Together

Nothing strengthens the bond quite like learning a new skill together. When in Niue, one of the most rewarding skills you can learn is scuba diving. You have the opportunity to get a PADI qualification in Niue, which is recognised worldwide. Open Water courses are a three-day course including four open water dives in Niue’s breathtakingly clear waters teeming with marine life. Learn more in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Niue.

Find Yourself Secluded Snorkelling Spots

What makes Niue an utterly romantic destination is the fact that you find yourself alone in many of the island’s nooks and crannies. Niue’s coastline is scattered with chasms, caves, beaches, reefs and bush walks, where it’s common to have these pieces of paradise all to yourself. What’s more, many of these locations have swimming holes where the snorkelling is excellent! Hire a car and spend a day or two exploring them all with the guidance of the 10 Best Places to Snorkel in Niue.

See How You Fare in the Wild with One of the Island’s Nature Tours

Can you imagine being marooned on an island together? Well, find out how you would survive by taking one of the fantastic nature tours in Niue. For instance, Misa’s Nature Tour is hosted by a Niuean who grew up doing just that, where you’ll learn to make fire, what plants to use for medicinal remedies, eat and drink coconut and more. Alternatively, become acquainted with the Niuean forest on the Ebony Rainforest Tours where you’ll learn how traditional food and medicines are gathered, visit caves and see the rare ebony wood your host uses to carve spectacular sculptures and jewellery. Finally, join the Taue Uga Tour to learn about baiting and hunting coconut crabs is stunning rainforest. See The Guided Tours in Niue for more information.

For more inspiration, see the 10 Romantic Activities in Niue for Couples.

The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Niue(c) Niue Tourism

Getting Married in Niue

A wedding in Niue is like nowhere else, with only one exclusive wedding venue on the island for eloping couples. The Matavai Conference Centre and the Scenic Matavai Resort offers a varied range of wedding packages and experiences for couples to create a dream island wedding as unique as they are.

Niue Wedding Venues

The Scenic Matavai Resort offers a range of wedding venues, from ceremonies on the resort’s deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean to inside the conference room with floor-to-ceiling windows. Alternatively, they can even arrange wedding ceremonies at your chosen island location, whether it’s a secluded beach or a dramatic cave. Not only does the resort offer packages, including floral archway, local dancers, Niuean floral headpieces and garlands, food, beverage and more, but they also have irresistible accommodation, flight and special dinner-for-two deals well worth enquiring about.

Niue Wedding Formalities

In order to get married in Niue, you will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriages Form within a minimum of three working days’ before you intend to marry. The form can be obtained from the Niue Justice Department in Alofi, which requires a formal letter from the bride and groom stating that they have never been married before, a certified copy of your birth certificates and passports, and divorce documents if applicable. The Scenic Matavai Resort offers aid with the formalities as part of their wedding service.

For more information, see How to Organise Your Wedding in Niue.

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