Cheap Accommodation in Niue You don’t have to blow your budget to have an amazing stay in Niue. The raised coral atoll features an array of cheap guest houses, affordable holiday homes and motel uni
Discover Alofi’s Guesthouse Accommodations Stay with the locals while saving a few cents by staying in one of the local guesthouses in Alofi! The capital of Niue has the most abundant offering o
Places to Stay in Niue for Backpackers In the tiny island nation of Niue, there are no dorms, no sleeping bags required and no backpacker hostels. So if you’re visiting this unique island in the Sou
Where to Find the Most Luxurious Accommodations in Niue Private cottages nestled in tropical forest, elevated villas boasting commanding views, and a four-star resort… Niue’s array of premium acco
Kid-friendly Accommodation in Alofi Staying in the capital of Niue is a sure-fire way to make your family getaway as easy as possible. You’ll have access to an array of eateries, as well as attracti
Advice on Choosing a Guesthouse in Niue Want to stay in a guest house in Niue? Make sure that your choice meets your expectations for a smooth island getaway by choosing the right guest house for you.
Cheap Accommodation in Alofi You don’t have to spend all of your savings to enjoy a getaway on a remote Pacific island. Niue’s capital, Alofi, has a wide range of guesthouses and motels making it
Advice on Choosing Budget Accommodation in Niue When looking for affordable accommodation in Niue, you need to consider the location, inclusions and, of course, the cost. We’ll guide you through wha
Romantic Accommodation in Alofi On a honeymoon or a romantic getaway? You’ll find nowhere like Niue and its capital, Alofi. Couples seeking a hassle-free stay without sacrificing a unique and specia
Advice on Choosing Luxury Accommodation in Niue Niue is a pretty special destination in the South Pacific that deserves a special place to stay. Whether you’re visiting for an occasion or simply wan
Self-Catering Accommodation in Alofi Spoiler alert: pretty much all of the accommodation in Niue’s capital is self-catering. If you don’t find an accommodation that suits you in this list, then yo
Niue’s Adult-Only Accommodation Niue is not an island getaway of adult-only resorts. In fact, the concept of “adult-only” is not really needed on an island where it’s easy to find your own spa
Kid-friendly Accommodation in Niue Where should you stay in Niue with children? The “Rock of the Pacific” presents a number of family-friendly accommodation to suit a range of styles. Stay in a po
Advice on Choosing Foodie Accommodation in Niue Where should you stay in Niue if you want a foodie experience? While in the rest of the Pacific, “foodie” accommodation might be for resorts with a