The Ultimate List of Travel Tips for Niue! Niue may be only one small island but it is an understatement to say that it packs a lot! With dozens of sea tracks hidden on its shoreline, you will go on d
The Cost of Travelling to Niue + How to Plan a Budget for Niue How much does it cost to travel in Niue? Since everyone has their own style of travel, from how they eat to what activities they do, it w
The Niue Culture, Customs and Traditions “Taoga Niue” or the culture of Niue means everything to a Niuean. The inhabitants of the small remote island in the South Pacific take pride in their tradi
A Guide to Visitor (Tourist) Visas for Niue As an example of how welcoming “The Rock of the Pacific” is, most travellers to Niue don’t need a visa in order to enter the country. In fact, visitor
Weather in Niue: Month-by-Month With year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, Niue rarely disappoints. But just because it is sunny does not mean that the capricious Pacific weather is not capable t
Learn Some Niuean Words! Niue is much more than stunning coral reefs and warm weather. It has a vibrant culture that’s well worth discovering. After all, isn’t that what travelling is all about? D
Interesting Niue Facts! Who doesn’t love a fun fact? If you’re heading to the island of Niue, then there’s plenty of interesting things you’ll learn through the island’s tours and while expl
What Language Do They Speak in Niue? Despite the fact that you will feel in a brand new world when visiting Niue, communication will be pretty easy. Niue only has two official languages: Niuean (or Va
Learn About Niue with Some Fun Facts! We all want our kids to get as much out of travelling to a new country as possible. A good way to go this is to teach them a few things about the country you’re
A History of Niue in Brief Not many people seem to know about Niue today, let alone its history. With no written records of Niue’s history before European contact, little is known about Niue’s his
About the New Zealand Dollar Yes, you read that correctly: the currency in Niue is actually the New Zealand Dollar also known as “NZD” or “NZ$”. Niue is a self-governing state of about 1,500 p
What are the Religions in Niue? Niue is a religious country, particularly devoted to Christianity. Christianity was introduced on the island more than 150 years ago and has been going strong ever sinc
Local Customs and Cultural Protocol in Niue A new country means new customs. This is especially true for Niue, which is home to a unique Polynesian culture with its own customs surrounding tradition a
The Guide to Planning Your Wedding in Niue Niue evokes an image of a South Pacific wedding like no other. Imagine saying your “I dos” on a coastal cliff of the world’s largest raised coral atoll
Advice for Using Money in Niue Currency and paying your way is an essential aspect of any exotic getaway and the same goes for Niue. What is the best payment method to use in Niue? What are the dos an