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Places to Snorkel from Niue’s Shore The beauty of Niue is that its snorkelling reefs are right on its doorstep. The west coast of the island has many sea tracks that lead down to mesmerising snorkel
Everything You Need to Know About Snorkelling in Niue Imagine snorkelling in your own private aquarium of crystal clear water. What’s more, getting to it is an effortless excursion straight from sho
Snorkelling in Niue: Advice for Travellers The warm crystal clear waters are all too inviting in Niue. What’s more, they are teeming with life, from colourful fish to otherworldly coral. Niue is hom
Scuba Diving Sites in Niue What is scuba diving like in Niue? Imagine the vividness of colourful coral and tropical fish as you descend into waters with 30 to 80m visibility! Niue experiences very lim