Fishing in Niue: When to Go, What to Catch and How to Catch it One of the hidden gems of fishing in the South Pacific, Niue’s waters are uncrowded and unmatched. Only within 100-600m from shore you
Wildlife Species Found in Niue What sort of mammals, reptiles and birds can be found in Niue? Niue’s fascinating wildlife can be found both on land and in its surrounding waters. Niue’s native mam
What’s Going on in Niue? It’s hard to believe that a small island with only 14 villages and around 1,600 people (as a generous estimate) has any events! But Niue has a strong community spirit that
Fishing Tours in Niue For a small island where “choice” is often a privilege, fishing charters break the mould with a great selection available, skippered by passionate locals and expats that are
Souvenirs and Gifts from Niue Looking for something to remember your trip to Niue by or perhaps a special gift for loved ones who couldn’t join you? Niue souvenirs will get nothing less than a “wo
The Fishing Seasons in Niue When is the best time to fish in Niue? Well, with warm waters and mostly glorious weather year-round on this tropical island, there’s never really a bad time to head out
The Guide to the Niue Village Show Days The life and blood of the Niuean culture are in its 14 villages, where each one hosts its own village show day once a year. The village show days in Niue are un
Unmissable Walking Tracks in Niue Around Niue’s coastal road, you’ll see signs every 10 to 20 minutes stating “Hala Tahi” this and “Hala Tahi” that! These are your access points to Niue’
Things You Can’t Miss in Niue! What is the must-do in Niue? Well, if awe-inspiring coastal landscapes don’t inspire you, the mesmerising wildlife like whales and coconut crabs doesn’t intrigue y
Whale Swimming Tours in Niue Who can you go whale watching or whale swimming with in Niue? Niue is one of the only places in the world where you can legally swim with majestic humpback whales providin
Spa Treatments in Niue Niue is a location of active adventures, which is all the more reason to at least spend an hour of your tropical getaway winding down with a rejuvenating massage. The small isla