Which Airlines Have Direct Flights to Niue? Well, you don’t have to worry about comparing flights for too long, as there is only one airline flying to Niue: Air New Zealand. The flight with Air New
What are the Niue Driving Times? You’ll never have to stay in the car for too long when road tripping in Niue! The island has 123km (76 miles) of paved roads, where most visitors prefer to stick to
Flight Times to Niue For many of us, getting to an unspoiled island paradise takes time. Only those coming from New Zealand will find themselves in Niue within 3h30mins thanks to Niue’s one direct f
Keep Safe While Driving in Niue Road tripping around Niue’s 64km (40-mile) circular road around the island, stopping by sea tracks, snorkelling spots and historical points of interest, is an amazing
Niue’s Road Rules With driving in a new country comes new road rules. Even if most seem to be the same as your home country, there’s usually at least some minor differences. It’s the same in Niu
What You Need to Know About Driving in Niue We’re sure if you’re looking at this article, you know how to drive. However, a new country presents new road rules, new road hazards and different driv
The Car Rental Companies in Niue Rent yourself the ultimate freedom to explore the stunning sights of Niue by hiring a car. Niue has a good choice of affordable car rentals, whether you’re looking f
Budgeting Tips for a Cruise to Niue Hopping from one idyllic island to the next on a luxurious small-ship cruise is not a bad way to explore the South Pacific. While a small selection of cruises have
The Cost of Car Rental in Niue Can you afford to rent a car in Niue? Niue offers a wide range of car rental vehicles at reasonable prices, so there’s bound to be something to suit your needs and bud
Niue and South Pacific Cruise Tips There’s no denying that the South Pacific is one of the world’s top cruising grounds. Sailing from coral atolls to volcanic islands, discovering diverse cultures
How to Get a Cheaper Car Rental in Niue Stretch those dollars a little further in Niue by saving money on car rental! With rental cars being just about the only way to travel around Niue, you have no
Niue Airport: Where to Fly to? All island getaways start with booking a flight, but where should you book your flight to when visiting Niue? Luckily, you don’t have to research too hard about choosi
The Taxi in Niue: Travel Advice If you’ve read any of NiuePocketGuide.com so far, you may have seen us mention that public transport is extremely limited in Niue. That’s with the exception of one
How to Apply for the Niue Driving License For renting a car, van, motorcycle or any type of motor vehicle in Niue, your overseas driving license or International Driving Permit (IDP) is not enough. To
Travel Advice: Car Rentals in Niue As rental cars are just about the only way to get around “The Rock”, this guide to car hire in Niue is an essential guide for most travellers. Hiring a car is th