The Taxi in Niue: Travel Advice If you’ve read any of so far, you may have seen us mention that public transport is extremely limited in Niue. That’s with the exception of one
Does Niue Have Taxis? Kind of. Niue barely has a public transport system, but there is one taxi on the island, as well as a couple of car rentals offering the occasional taxi service. Needless to say,
Are There Any Taxis in Niue? Yes, one! That’s right, there is one taxi vehicle and one dude driving it and it’s affectionately called “The Taxi”. Apart from a couple of car rental companies th
Transport in Niue Niue is not an island brimming with transport connections. While there’s 123km (76 miles) of paved roads around and across the island, your methods of using them are limited. Unles
Is there Public Transport in Niue? Niue is not a country of public transport. There are no public buses, no trains, no ferry services, no domestic flights and only one taxi. Admittedly, it means that
Transport Around Niue Niue doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not and it certainly isn’t a bustling metropolis with a wealth of choices to get around. The island has no public transport system,
Tips for Transport in Niue Niue is an island you will definitely want to explore. With all sorts of nooks and crannies along its coastline, from dramatic chasms to snorkelling hotspots to quaint villa