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About the New Zealand Dollar Yes, you read that correctly: the currency in Niue is actually the New Zealand Dollar also known as “NZD” or “NZ$”. Niue is a self-governing state of about 1,500 p
Advice for Using Money in Niue Currency and paying your way is an essential aspect of any exotic getaway and the same goes for Niue. What is the best payment method to use in Niue? What are the dos an
The Price of Transport in Niue Choosing transport based on price for Niue is not really necessary. The reason being, there is so little choice! There’s only one airline flying to Niue, about five di
Food Prices in Niue You don’t need us to tell you that eating is essential. However, you might want to know about the cost of food in Niue so you can plan your holiday budget accordingly. From resta
Using Credit Cards in Niue Can you use the credit cards in Niue? The short answer is: sometimes! While EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) is becoming increasingly available in Niue, o
Niue Taxes: The Taxes and Fees Travellers Need to Know About Ok, so no one wants to hear about the extra fees and taxes they’ll have to pay on holiday. Luckily, Niue’s taxes affecting tourists is
The Best Payment Methods for Niue How should you pay for things in Niue? Everyone has their preferences when it comes to paying for things overseas. However, Niue has a few things that make it special