Can You Use Your Credit Card in Niue?©
Can You Use Your Credit Card in Niue?

Can You Use Your Credit Card in Niue?


A Guide to Using Foreign Credit and Debit Cards in Niue

Can you use credit cards in Niue? The short answer is: sometimes! While EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) is widely available in Niue, only the major credit card brands are accepted, as well as New Zealand debit cards. Nevertheless, cash is still highly important to have available while experiencing Niue, as there are some instances when only cash is accepted. What’s more, you may want to avoid credit card fees. We go into more detail on all of those matters in this guide to using your credit card in Niue.

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5 Tips for Using Credit Cards in Niue

  1. The New Zealand Dollar is the legal tender in Niue
  2. The most widely accepted form of card payment is with New Zealand debit cards. Visa and MasterCard are also accepted in many outlets
  3. Always have some cash available, as some vendors, like markets, some tour operators and vendors at Village Show Days don’t accept credit card
  4. Use credit cards as little as possible to save money on credit card surcharges issued by Niuean business
  5. There are no ATMs in Niue, but cash withdrawal is available at outlets such as Kiwibank, Niue Rentals, Swanson Supermarket and the Niue Bond Store. Fees apply.

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Can You Use Your Credit Card in Niue?©

Which Debit and Credit Cards are Accepted in Niue?

Certain types of credit and debit cards are accepted in Niue, including major brands, as long as there is a four-digit PIN encoded.

Bank cards that are the most accepted in Niue include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Debit cards issued in New Zealand

However, there are a few credit card brands that will not be accepted in Niue. Avoid using credit cards from the following brands:

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Can You Use Your Credit Card in Niue?(c)

Where Can You Use Debit and Credit Cards in Niue?

Most shops, restaurants and the Tourist Information Centre in Niue accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards and New Zealand debit cards. However, some businesses only accept cash, so this is one reason to make sure you have some cash with you when visiting Niue.

Where You Can’t Use Cards to Pay in Niue

Some places where credit and debit cards are not accepted include paying for some tours, at the markets, at Village Show Days and other events, and when using the honesty box at the Niue Golf Club. In short, it’s always a good idea to have some cash available throughout your holiday.

ATMs in Niue

There are no ATMs in Niue, but cash can be withdrawn from outlets, such as Kiwibank, Niue Rentals, Swanson Supermarket and the Niue Bond Store. Note that there are fees for using this service.

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Can You Use Your Credit Card in Niue?©

Credit Card Charges in Niue

Seasoned travellers will know that there are always credit card fees associated with travelling overseas, which is even the case for New Zealand travellers to Niue using the same currency as home. Here are some of the credit card fees you may encounter in Niue:

For travellers whose home currency is not New Zealand Dollars, the issuing bank of your credit card is highly likely to charge some sort of “foreign currency service” fee or something similar. This will occur each time you make a transaction using your overseas credit card, which is typically a fee of around 1-3% of the transaction in your home currency.

A credit card fee that all visitors using a credit card may experience in Niue, whether it’s from New Zealand or not, is a surcharge implemented by local businesses. Many businesses in Niue apply a credit card fee of 3-5% on each transaction.

Finally, a withdrawal fee is also applied when using one of the cash withdrawal services, such as at Kiwibank, Swanson Supermarket, etc. We’ve seen these fees for around NZ$2-$5.

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More About Using a Credit Card in Niue

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