The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue(c)
The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue

The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue


What You Need to Know About Golf in Niue

A golf guide for a small island might not be a lengthy guide, but Niue surprises many visitors with its nine-hole park-style golf course! Travellers who like to get their golf fix won’t be disappointed with the island’s attractive and well-maintained golf course. We go into Niue’s golf scene in detail in this complete guide to golf in Niue.

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6 Quick Tips for Playing Golf in Niue

Before we jump into a more in-depth guide to golf in Niue, here are the most important things you need to know about Niue’s golf scene in just a few points:

  1. The Niue Golf & Sports Club is BYO golf clubs – clubs are available to hire from the Visitor Centre in Alofi.
  2. Golf equipment needs to be declared – if bringing your own golf clubs from home, be sure to declare them on your Passenger Arrival Card when arriving in Niue.
  3. The Niue Golf & Sports Club has an honesty box – simply put the green fee in cash in the honesty box at the clubhouse. Simple!
  4. Don’t miss the Saturday Tournament – It tees off at 1 pm. This is a fun community event that visitors are welcome to join. You can enjoy a drink at the clubhouse after the battle is done.
  5. Don’t worry about being underdressed – Niue’s nine-hole golf course is relaxed, where it’s best to just dress respectfully. It’s definitely recommended to wear a hat though, as there is little shade on the course.
  6. Remember your basic golfing etiquette though – the basics still apply, such as waiting until the group ahead of you is out of range before hitting the ball, maintaining a good pace and don’t make noise when someone is taking a swing.
The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue(c) Niue Tourism

Where to Play Golf in Niue

Niue has one nine-hole golf course. Learn more about it in The Best Golf Courses in Niue. Otherwise, here’s a quick overview.

Niue Golf & Sports Club

Location: Tapeu-Poritt Road opposite the airport
Holes: 9
Par: 34
Length: 2,017 m (2,206 yards)
Clubhouse: Yes, open Saturday
Events: Saturday tournament at 1 pm
Clubs hire: No
Course type: Park-style

Vaiolama Cafe Mini Golf [CLOSED]

Update: The mini golf course at Vaiolama Cafe is currently closed. The cafe is still open. We will update this page when (and if) the mini golf reopens.

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How to Pay Green Fees in Niue

Paying for your green fees is a little different in Niue. Here’s a quick guide on how to pay to play golf in Niue.

How to Pay at the Niue Golf & Sports Club

The green fee for casual visitors is NZ$30 at the Niue Golf & Sports Club. There are two ways to pay your green fees.

To pay green fees, find the honesty box at the clubhouse and simply put your NZ$30 each in cash. The local currency is New Zealand Dollars. Note that the honesty box system does not apply to events, like the Saturday competition, when you usually pay the organisers involved.

Alternatively, the Visitor Information Centre in Alofi takes payment for green fees, as well as offers club hire (more information in the section below). The Visitor Information Centre accepts cash and card.

Learn more about the accepted payment methods in Niue in our guide, What is the Best Way to Pay in Niue?

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Golf Club Rental in Niue

It’s important to note that the Niue Golf & Sports Club does not offer golf club hire. You can bring your own golf clubs from home, which you just need to remember to declare when arriving in Niue.

Where to Hire Golf Clubs in Niue

Golf clubs are available to hire at the Niue Visitor Information Centre, located in the town centre of Alofi. Golf club sets include the bag, tees, trundler and a full set of high-quality clubs. Club rentals are paid per day. See prices in the price list below.

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How Much Does it Cost to Play Golf in Niue?

Playing golf in Niue is relatively inexpensive for most. The best deal will be the beer at the clubhouse after Saturday’s tournament!

Approximate prices include:

  • Niue Golf & Sports Club green fee: NZ$30
  • Niue Golf Club full membership: NZ$200
  • Niue Golf Club social membership: NZ$100
  • Niue Tourism club hire/day: NZ$50

For more approximate costs for your holiday, check out Niue Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Niue Cost?

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Golf Rules for Niue

Niue’s golf course is about having fun. The Niue Golf & Sports Club is not too pretentious and doesn’t take itself too seriously, so don’t worry about wearing your best golf formals. Like any public place in Niue, it’s best to dress respectfully. It’s Ok to just wear sneakers, but a hat is recommended as there is very little shade at the Niue Golf & Sports Club.

Common golf etiquette tips apply in Niue, like waiting until the group ahead of you is out of range before hitting the ball, maintaining a good pace and don’t yell while someone is taking a swing.

In terms of tournament rules, Niue follows international golf standards set by the R&A and USGA. In addition, there are a few local rules that apply to Niue’s course, including:

  • Out of Bounds
    – Ground beyond rock fences and area marked with the white stakes and black top
    – Internal OOB rear of the clubhouse at 6th and 8th hole
    – Right-hand side of 5th hole as marked with white stakes and red top
    Note: all stakes are immovable obstruction
  • Ground Under Repair
    – All garden beds
    – Areas marked with white lines. Relief.
  • Putting Green
    – Ball within 12 inches from rock fence on holes 4, 6 and 7 can drop at drop zone without penalty
    – Touching line of putt strictly prohibited
  • Reliefs Without Penalty
    – Ball lying on a rock, drop one club length no nearer the hole
    – Clubhouse drop two lengths no nearer the hole
    – Ball hitting electrical wires optional of replay or play the original ball.

For more local rules to go by, check out our guide to Niuean Etiquette: Niue Customs & Traditions.

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Saturday Golf Tournament

Niue Golf & Sports Club hosts a weekly competition every Saturday. Tee-off time is usually at 1 pm. Visitors are welcome. Bring cash.

Once everyone has finished the course, there is a member’s meeting and prize-giving at around 4 pm, followed by a social. It’s an excellent occasion to mingle with the locals, whether you were part of the tournament or are just looking for a social vibe with a drink. The clubhouse bar remains open until everyone goes home. You can also catch a weekly darts event in the clubhouse after 5/6 pm.

As for annual club events, an events calendar for the year is located on the notice board at the clubhouse entrance.

More About Golf in Niue

That’s it for our complete guide to golf in Niue! While you’re here, how about learning about some more things to do during your trip to Niue?

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