The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue
The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue

The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue


What You Need to Know About Golf in Niue

A golf guide for a small island might not be a lengthy guide, but Niue surprises many visitors with their mini golf course, not to mention its nine-hole park-style golf course! Travellers who like to get their golf fix won’t be disappointed with the island’s attractive and well-maintained golf course, as well as a fun mini golf course if you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids. We go into Niue’s golfing options in detail in this complete guide to golf in Niue.

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About Golf Club Rental in Niue

The first thing you need to know about the Niue Golf & Sports Club is that they don’t have golf club hire. However, you can bring your own golf clubs from home, which you just need to remember to declare when arriving in Niue.

Note that the Vaiolama Cafe Mini Golf does include golf clubs and a ball in their mini golf course.

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Where to Play Golf in Niue

Niue has one nine-hole golf course and a mini golf course. Learn more about them in The Best Golf Courses in Niue. Otherwise, here’s a quick overview.

Niue Golf & Sports Club

Location: Tapeu-Poritt Road opposite the airport
Holes: 9
Par: 34
Length: 2,017m (2,206-yards)
Clubhouse: Yes, open Saturday
Events: Saturday tournament at 1pm and Tuesday Chicken Run at 4pm
Clubs hire: No
Course type: Park-style

Vaiolama Cafe Mini Golf

Location: Alofi South main road opposite Alofi Rentals
Holes: 18
Cafe: Yes, open Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm, Thursday evenings until 8pm, and Sundays from 11am to 4pm
Events: Happy hour Thursdays 4pm to 6pm
Clubs hire: Yes
Course type: Mini golf (crazy golf/mini putt)

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How to Pay Green Fees in Niue

Paying for your green fees is a little different in Niue. Here’s a quick guide on how to pay to play golf in Niue.

How to Pay at the Niue Golf & Sports Club

The green fee for casual visitors is NZ$30 at the Niue Golf & Sports Club. To pay green fees, find the honesty box at the clubhouse and simply put your NZ$30 each in cash. The local currency is New Zealand Dollars. Note that the honesty box system does not apply to events, where you usually pay the organisers involved.

How to Pay at the Vaiolama Cafe Mini Golf

A round of mini golf at the Vaiolama Cafe cost NZ$10-$15 each. Pay for a round of mini golf at the cafe counter, where they accept cash and EFTPOS (bank card). They accept New Zealand debit cards, MasterCard and Visa.

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More Golf Tips for Niue

Niue’s golf courses are about having fun. The Niue Golf & Sports Club is not too pretentious and doesn’t take itself too seriously – there’s a weekly tournament for a frozen chicken if that’s anything to go by?! Like any public place in Niue, it’s best to dress respectfully, such as wearing shorts down to the knee. It’s Ok to just wear sneakers, but a hat is recommended as there is very little shade at the Niue Golf & Sports Club.

Common golf etiquette tips apply in Niue, like waiting until the group ahead of you is out of range before hitting the ball, maintaining a good pace and don’t yell while someone is taking a swing.

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More About Golf in Niue

That’s it for our complete guide to golf in Niue! While you’re here, how about learning about some more things to do during your trip to Niue?

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