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10 Amazing Water Activities in Niue(c) BAND - Niue Tourism
10 Amazing Water Activities in Niue

10 Best Water Activities in Niue

(c) BAND – Niue Tourism

Experiences on and in the Water in Niue

With beautifully clear waters and sea temperatures teetering around 25-27°C (77-80°F), Niue’s waters are all too inviting! The raised coral atoll is surrounded by waters teeming with tropical marine life, from the tiniest nudibranchs to the largest humpback whales. Getting on or in the water in Niue is always an exciting experience, but what are the different ways to enjoy it? We go through them all in this list of amazing water activities in Niue.

1. Snorkelling

Combining as one of the most accessible yet mesmerising water activities in Niue, snorkelling is something to be enjoyed by all ages. Niue’s snorkelling spots are not only right on the island’s doorstep, making it a fun and free activity, but the water in Niue is crystal clear. Enjoy watching tropical fish among coral much more vividly than in most other places in the world!

Learn more about Niue’s outstanding snorkelling in The Guide to Snorkelling in Niue.

9 Amazing Water Activities in Niue©

2. Scuba Diving

Where there’s snorkelling, scuba diving is never too far behind, which is certainly the case in Niue. While Niue is a fantastic place to learn how to dive thanks to the island’s PADI-affiliated operators, certified divers are in for a treat. Niue’s underwater world is a labyrinth of caves, chimneys, chasms, tunnels, drop-offs and an array of marine life lining it all!

Dive into more details in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Niue.

9 Amazing Water Activities in Niue© Niue Tourism

3. Whale Watching and Swimming

If the snorkelling and scuba diving in Niue’s vividly clear waters wasn’t enough, how about combining them with watching some of the largest marine creatures in their element?! Niue’s waters are home to humpback whales between July and September each year. What’s more, it is actually legal to swim with these gentle giants if you are on a licensed boat tour. Niue’s dive schools and fishing charters put on unforgettable whale interaction experiences, whether it’s watching topside or underwater.

Find out more in The Guide to Whale Watching & Swimming in Niue.

10 Amazing Water Activities in Niue(c) Niue Tourism

4. Dolphin Watching and Swimming

While whales are very seasonal in Niue, pods of dolphins call Niue’s waters home all year round. Niue’s dive operators have discovered an amazing way to watch Niue’s acrobatic spinner dolphins in action with swimmers holding onto tow ropes alongside the boat. Otherwise, any one of Niue’s boat tours always comes with the opportunity to spot dolphins from above the surface.

Find out more in The Guide to Dolphin Watching & Swimming in Niue.

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5. Reef Walking

Niue is almost entirely surrounded by a reef shelf providing the ideal habitat for all sorts of weird and wonderful marine creatures. At low tide, don your reef shoes and go for a paddle on some of Niue’s reefs where there’s so much to discover in the rockpools and on the reef’s surface.

Check out some of our favourite reef walks in the 10 Best Reef Walks in Niue.

10 Amazing Water Activities in Niue(c)

7. Fishing

Niue is the hidden gem of fishing in the South Pacific where waters are uncrowded when it comes to fishing boats but teeming with tropical pelagic fish! Fishing charters can take you out to reel in fiesty wahoo, mahimahi, yellowfin tuna, marlin and much more. What’s more, Niue bluewater fish are only 100-600 m (110-656 ft) from shore, so you are thrown into an exciting fishing experience moments after the boat launches.

Find out more about reeling in the big ones in The Guide to Fishing in Niue.

10 Amazing Water Activities in Niue(c)

8. Sunset Cruise

If you don’t want to mix your time on the water with too much adventure, then you can always take it easy on a sunset cruise. One of the fishing charter boats, Niue Fishing Charters, offers late afternoon/early evening cruises to explore Niue’s coastline and watch the stunning sunset, while you sit back with a cold beer, a glass of wine or a refreshing juice.

Find out more about the cruise and other ways to get out on the water in The Best Boat Tours in Niue.

10 Amazing Water Activities in Niue(c) Niue Tourism

9. Experience a Tropical Rainstorm!

Yes, we’re serious! We’d be lying if we said Niue doesn’t get its fair share of tropical downpours and they are usually quite the experience! Whether you’re out in the elements embracing Niue’s warm showers or watching from the comfort of a restaurant, museum or market, the rainy weather is certainly an experience in Niue.

Take a look at the 10 Things to Do in Niue on a Rainy Day for ideas on what to do should the heavens open on your holiday.

9 Amazing Water Activities in Niue©

10. [CLOSED] Vaka Paddling

Vaka tours are currently unavailable in Niue, but we will update this listing once they become available again. Alternatively, head to The Best SUP, Canoe (Vaka) & Kayak Tours in Niue for updates.

More About Water Activities in Niue

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