10 Must-Do Tours in Niue
10 Must-Do Tours in Niue

10 Must-Do Tours in Niue [2023]

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The Tours in Niue You Can’t Miss!

Niue might be a small country but it has a surprising array of experiences. From tours to get you familiar with the island as soon as you start your holiday to unique experiences like uga hunting to awe-inspiring experiences like whale swimming, Niue’s tour offering is varied and extensive. Check out some of the must-do tours in Niue in the list below!

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1. Orientation Tour

Niue might be a small island with attractions not too hard to find, but the value of an orientation tour is knowing when is the best time to go. Explore Niue and Niue Orientation Tours both provide a wealth of information on the tide times and when is the best time to hit the popular snorkelling spots. They also give you some cultural, geological and historical context to the island, arguably setting you up for a richer experience exploring Niue. Check out The Best Sightseeing Tours in Niue for more information on these tours.

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2. Uga Hunting Tour

Culture and nature combine on an uga hunting tour in Niue. Operators like Taue Uga Tours show you traditional hunting methods, setting up coconut baits in the stunning rainforest to catch the prized coconut crab. Uga hunting tours give you the opportunity to learn more about the impressive land crab that can live up to 60 years and is the largest land-dwelling arthropod. See the 6 Ways See Uga (Coconut Crabs) in Niue for more uga experiences.

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3. Whale and Dolphin Swimming Tour

While the uga is the famous wildlife on land, some of the most famous wildlife to interact in the water with are humpback whales and spinner dolphins. Humpback whales frequent Niue’s waters each year around July to September where licensed operators can take you on a life-changing experience swimming with these majestic creatures. Tours also offer the opportunity to also swim with acrobatic spinner dolphins. Find out more about whale tours in the 5 Best Whale Tours in Niue, as well as in The Guide to Swimming with Dolphins in Niue.

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4. Nature Tour

Learn about living in the Niuean rainforest on an informative nature tour. You have several options when it comes to immersing in nature in Niue, with one of the most popular options being the Ebony Rainforest Tour. This tour takes you into the forest to show traditional hunting and food-gathering techniques, show you how settlers used to sleep in caves, and much much more. Dive into details in our 7 Best Nature Tours in Niue.

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5. Plantation Tour

Many Niueans live off the land and enjoy sustenance living, as you will be shown in one of the plantation tours like A5 Tours or the Maala Garden Tour. Both take you to impressive bush gardens where you’ll learn about traditional and contemporary methods of growing tropical food crops. A5 Tours is a 4WD tour also incorporating some culture with an uga demonstration and coconut husking, while Maala Garden is more of a special interest tour in tropical gardening. Either way, get more details on the tours in The Best Guided Tours in Niue.

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6. Vanilla Tour

Niue is a leading producer of pure organic vanilla, which you can learn more about on a vanilla tour with Niue Vanilla International. Wander a plantation of more than 7,000 vanilla vines and learn about the arduous growing process including the hand-pollination of each individual flower. The aromatic tour also gets you to sample a few vanilla products along the way. See more food-related experiences in the 10 Things to Do in Niue for Foodies.

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7. Fishing Tour

Niue’s bluewater fishing is just a few hundred metres off-shore, so jump on a fishing charter and into the action almost immediately. Niue’s waters are home to exciting game species, including mahimahi, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and marlin. Try your luck and undoubtedly land yourself a big fish and an epic story on one of the many fishing charters available in Niue.

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8. Snorkelling Tour

While you can explore many snorkelling sites in Niue independently, jumping on a snorkelling tour enhances the experience, taking you to less-visited snorkelling spots with thriving marine life. Visit amazing outer reefs with an array of colourful coral or discover amazing caves like The Belly of the Whale, only accessible by boat. Learn more about the snorkelling tours available in The Best Guided Snorkelling Tours in Niue.

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9. Scuba Diving Tour

Delve a little deeper into the underwater world of Niue. Where it’s the colourful fish and coral that usually takes the limelight in a South Pacific scuba diving tour, it’s the majestic underwater seascapes that are awe-inspiring in Niue. Descend into chimneys, swim through chasms and emerge in chambers underneath the island. Check out the scuba tours in The Best Scuba Diving Tours in Niue.

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[CLOSED] Cave Tour

Sure, there are many amazing caves in Niue that you can explore on your own, but one of the most impressive you can see on a cave tour with Tali’s Cave Tour. You’ll delve into the Ulupaka Caves on private traditional family land to see the wonderful stalactite and pillar formations. You’ll also explore passageways and check out ancient fossils.

More Must-Do Tours in Niue

That’s it for our list of amazing tours in Niue. If, for some crazy reason, you need more Niue tours to choose from, we have some listed, as well as more advice, in the following guides:

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