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9 Best Things to Do in Avatele

10 Best Things to Do in Avatele

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Attractions and Activities in Avatele

The villages of Niue are what add to the island’s charm, with an excellent example being the village of Avatele (Arva-sell-y). The small village of around 140 residents sits on the quiet southwest coast of Niue, with a surprising array of accommodations nearby. Because you might be staying in this quaint village or stopping by on your Niuean road trip, here are a few things to do in Avatele, or at least within walking distance.

1. Swim and Snorkel at Avatele Beach

A fun and free highlight of Avatele is its own sea track to Avatele Beach. The white coral beach is popular for swimming and snorkelling at low to mid tide with an opportunity to snorkel above coral and tropical fish (just be careful of coral growing close to the surface at low tide). There is a rip in the channel near the boat ramp so avoid swimming there. See more beaches to discover (some very nearby) in the 5 Best Beaches in Niue.

Location: Signposted off the main road alongside Avatele village green.

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2. Discover the Beach Down the  Pofitu Sea Track

Midway between Avatele and Tamakautoga, the Pofitu Sea Track takes travellers to a real hidden gem of Niue. After a short bushwalk, you’ll find yourself at another coral beach leading out to the reef. There’s a short ladder and steps etched into the rock face to get down to the beach. Discover more gems like this in the 10 “Secret” Places in Niue: The Island’s Hidden Gems.

Location: Pofitu Sea Track, signposted on the main road between Avatele and Tamakautoga, approximately 1.3 km (0.8 mi) north of Avatele village green.

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3. Cycle Bike Track 1 (Fuata Road)

Hire a bike from Niue Blue or elsewhere and hit one of Niue’s scenic bike trails. Simply known as “Bike Trail 1“, this route goes through Avatele, Tamakautoga and on the bush trail of Fuata Road. The loop trail takes approximately one hour to complete and is well-signposted. Learn more about the trail in The 5 Best Bike Trails in Niue.

Location: Start at Niue Blue or follow “Hala Pasikala 1 / Bike Track 1” signs down Fuata Road off Tapeu-Porritt Road just north of Tamakautoga.

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4. Swim, Dine and Check Out the Nightly Entertainment at the Scenic Matavai Resort

An easy 30-minute walk from Avatele is the Scenic Matavai Resort. It has a couple of outdoor swimming pools, which you can enquire about at reception for availability. Plus, you can enjoy lunch and/or dinner at its own Dolphin Restaurant with an a la carte menu, as well as regular themed nights. There’s entertainment by the Pool Bar, such as coconut husking and an uga presentation. Alternatively, book in for their Umu Night with an array of Niuean dishes to try! Check out a sample schedule of entertainment in The Ultimate Guide to Niue Nightlife or pick up a schedule from reception.

Location: Signposted along the main road, approximately 2 km (1.3 mi) north of Avatele village green.

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5. Embark on an Uga Hunting Tour

Delve into ancestorial rainforest to see how Niueans bait and hunt for uga with Taue Uga Tours. Choose either a day tour to learn how to set up baits for uga and meet a few of the brilliant blue coconut crabs along the way. Or opt for the night tour where you’ll see the scrurriers when they are most active. See The Guided Tours in Niue for much more information, including what to take.

Location: Tours depart at the cenotaph just above the road access to Avatele Beach.

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6. Go to a Sunday Church Service

Get an insight into the local culture, as well as hear beautiful singing at the Avatele Church’s Sunday service. Listen to the harmonious acapella from the locals as you enjoy one of the morning or afternoon services at the village’s central church. Church services typically take place at 10 am. Be sure to wear suitable clothing, such as covering the knees, women wearing skirts and men wearing collared shirts. See the 10 Best Churches in Niue to Experience as a Visitor for more tips.

Location: At the northern end of Avatele village green.

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7. Check Out the Self-Service Bar on a Sunday

Another thing to do in Avatele on a Sunday is head to the Washaway Cafe at Avatele Beach. This self-service bar and restaurant is only open on Sundays from 11 am until everyone goes home. Help yourself to soft drinks, juice, beer and wine at the bar and write your food order down at the kitchen counter. Then, when you’re done, just let the bar staff know what you had in order to pay! Find out more about the restaurant and others on the island in the 20 Best Restaurants in Niue.

Location: Signposted off the main road alongside Avatele village green.

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8. Join in the Fun on the Avatele Show Day

Village Show Days are a grand event in Niue, where every village has its own Show Day to showcase its best harvest, crafts and entertainment! Head down to the village green to mingle with the locals of Avatele, try local food, watch cultural performances and take part in activities. The Avatele Show Day typically takes place in October, but head to What Are Village Show Days in Niue? for more advice on where to find upcoming dates.

Location: Avatele village green.

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9. Or See the Avatele Marine Day

Another top Avatele affair on the events calendar is the Avatele Marine Day. Head down to Avatele Beach to see large gatherings of food from the reef, fishing competitions and vaka fishermen doing what they do best! Again, check out What are the Village Show Days in Niue? to learn more.

Location: Avatele Beach.

10 Things to Do in Avatele(c) M. Crawford - Niue Tourism

10. Do Some Whale and Dolphin Watching

Join Niue Blue for a whale-watching and swimming adventure, whose boats sometimes launch from Avatele (depending on the conditions). Alternatively, head to one of the nearby lookouts to watch whales and dolphins from the shore. Accommodations like the Scenic Matavai Resort, Breeze and Lau’s Getaway all have extensive views of the Pacific Ocean where catching sights of dolphin pods or whales (the latter in July-September) is a regular occurrence.

9 Best Things to Do in Avatele© NiuePocketGuide.com

More About Avatele

That’s it for our list of the best things to do in Avatele. Learn more about Niue’s villages in the guides below:

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