5 Things to Do in Tamakautoga
5 Things to Do in Tamakautoga

5 Best Things to Do in Tamakautoga

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Activities, Attractions and Sea Tracks in Tamakautoga

Tamakautoga might just seem like a fork in the road shrouded in palms and tropical bush but there’s more to this small village in Niue than meets the eye. Down the side roads and sea tracks, you’ll find the country’s only resort, some of its rare few beaches, and even a scuba diving/whale swimming operator. That’s right, there’s a fair few things to do in Tamakautoga, so discover them with us on this list.

1. Check Out Tamakautoga Beach

That’s right, some of Niue’s rare beaches can be found near Tamakautoga, starting with Tamakautoga Beach itself. Accessed down the Togulu Sea Track, Tamakautoga Beach is a quaint coral-sand cove with excellent reef walking at low tide. There’s also a small swimming hole that you can have a splash in at any tide.

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2. Discover the Beach Down the  Pofitu Sea Track

Midway between Tamakautoga and Avatele, the Pofitu Sea Track takes travellers to another hidden gem of Niue. After a short bushwalk you’ll find yourself at another coral beach leading out to the reef. There’s a short ladder and steps etched into the rockface to get down to the beach.

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3. Cycle Bike Track 1 (Fuata Road)

Hire a bike from the Scenic Matavai Resort or elsewhere and hit one of Niue’s scenic bike trails. Simply known as “Bike Trail 1“, this route goes through Tamakautoga, Avatele and on the bush trail of Fuata Road. The loop trail takes approximately one hour to complete and is well signposted. Learn more about the trail in The Best Bike Trails in Niue.

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4. Do Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Whale or Dolphin Swimming

Tamakautoga is the base of Niue Blue, one of Niue’s scuba diving operators. Not only can they take you diving in Niue’s crystal clear waters whatever your experience, but they also offer encounters with spinner dolphins and humpback whales (in the right season). Find out more about their watersports experiences in The Guide to Scuba Diving in NiueThe Best Guided Snorkelling Tours in NiueThe Guide to Swimming with Dolphins in Niue and 5 Best Whale Tours in Niue.

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5. Dine and Enjoy an Entertainment Evening at the Resort

Niue’s one and only resort is also located in Tamakautoga. The Scenic Matavai Resort‘s Dolphin Restaurant is open to casual diners, as well as their guests. Dine on the well-presented plates of their a-la-carte menu while enjoying the views from the restaurant’s elevated deck. Alternatively, book in for one of their weekly entertainment evenings which include traditional umu nights, live local music, fire dancers and more. See The Ultimate Guide to the Niue Nightlife for more information.

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