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5 Best Beaches in Niue

5 Best Beaches in Niue

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Yes, There are Beaches in Niue!

On “The Rock of the Pacific” you might be surprised to learn that Niue actually does have some beaches. Ok, so they might not be your soft golden sand beaches of the other South Pacific Islands, as Niue’s beaches are coral beaches made up of shells and coral remnants rather than sand… Nevertheless, the beaches are quaint, picturesque and almost always secluded giving them plenty of reason for a visit. In this list of the best beaches in Niue, we go through our favourite Niue beaches and where to find them. They can all be found down sea tracks where signs will say “Hala Tahi [Beach Name]”.

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1. Hio Beach

Best tide: 30 minutes to 1 hour on either side of low tide.
Location: Sea track next to the Hio Cafe, signposted along the main road, Tuapa, west coast of Niue.

One of the largest beaches in Niue, Hio Beach is worth a photo at any time but is best visited at low tide for reef walking (can you find the cave?) or 30 minutes to 1 hour on either side of low tide for swimming. Walk along the coral beach to the right side of the bay where you’ll find a pool to drop into for a warm soak and a snorkel. Afterwards, you can pop into the Hio Cafe & Bar for a cocktail! See The 10 Best Restaurants in Niue for more information.

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2. Avatele Beach

Best tide: Low to mid outgoing tide.
Location: Signposted off the main road, Avatele, southeast coast of Niue.

Avatele Beach is a prime spot for snorkelling. Head there at mid to low tide for snorkelling among hard and soft coral and the tropical fish that call them home. Be careful of coral growing close to the surface at low tide and avoid swimming close to the boat ramp which has strong currents and an outpour of freshwater that can distort vision for snorkelling. Learn more about the importance of tide times in What You Need to Know About Tide Times in Niue.

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3. Tamakautoga Beach

Best tide: Low tide for snorkelling and reef walking.
Location: Signposted off the main coastal road in Tamakautoga (alongside the village green), southwest coast of Niue.

This small picturesque beach is too cute to ignore. After a super short walk down the Togulu Sea Track, you’ll find a tiny cove. Tamakautoga Beach is ideal for reef walking and snorkelling in the reef pools at low tide. There are toilet facilities and a shower at the top of the sea track. There’s also another “secret” beach heading in the opposite direction of the main sea track but we’ll leave you to discover that one on your own… Until then, find more amazing snorkelling spots in the 10 Best Places to Snorkel in Niue!

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4. Utuko Reef

Best tide: Low-to-mid incoming tide.
Location: Sea track next to Crazy Uga Cafe, Alofi town centre, central west coast of Niue.

Right in the heart of Alofi, the Utuko Reef is hidden from the main road next to the Crazy Uga Cafe. Head down a short sea track to a small coral beach which is mostly made up of reef! The reef is fun for reef walks at low tide with some easily accessible pools for snorkelling just to the left of the cove. Be mindful of what the swell is doing though. See more cool swimming spots in the 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Holes in Niue.

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5. Pofitu Beach

Best tide: Low tide.
: Pofitu Sea Track, signposted on the main road between Tamakautoga and Avatele, southwest coast of Niue.

After a quick walk through the bush and down some concrete steps, you’ll come across the tiny Pofitu Beach full of coral and shells. Enjoy a bit of reef walking at low tide and probably this entire beach to yourself, as it’s easy to miss!

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