10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue
10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue

10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue

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Niue’s Most Iconic Attractions

What are the most iconic sights in Niue? Where are the must-visit places on the island? If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably seen some stunning photos of Niue that you’d like to experience for yourself. This list of Niue’s most iconic places and attractions will help you find the places you’ve seen in photos of Niue.

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1. Limu Pools

Azure waters sheltered in a rocky cove, this is the iconic image of Niue. The Limu Pools is located from a short sea track starting in Namukulu village. The pools are best visited at half to full incoming tide for snorkelling, while those with little ones might want to consider swimming here at low tide. Either way, you’ll be met with crystal clear waters for snorkelling and exploring. Don’t miss the short side track leading to a smaller pool with a coastal arch. Learn more about this swimming hotspot in the 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Holes in Niue.

Location: Namukulu, west coast

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2. Talava Arches

A 30-minute walk through the rocky coastal forest and a short scramble through limestone caves bring you to a stunning view of the Talava Arches. The Talava Arches is a huge coastal arch extending across a reef which you can even walk underneath at low tide. A cut in the reef also provides a fun snorkelling spot lined with coral.

Location: Hikutavake, northeast coast

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3. Matapa Chasm

Niue has many nooks and crannies in its coastline worth exploring, one of the most iconic being the Matapa Chasm. This huge chasm can be accessed from a seven-minute sea track from Hikutavake (next to the Talava Arches Sea Track) where you’ll emerge at a swimming hole lined by towering cliffs. The Matapa Chasm is just about one of the only swimming spots in Niue that you can enjoy at any tide. Learn more about the importance of tide times in Niue here.

Location: Hikutavake, northwest coast

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4. Togo Chasm

A little haven tucked away on the rugged east coast of Niue, the Togo Chasm is iconic to show the resistance of nature. After a 40-minute one-way sea track through forest and over the island’s pinnacle-dappled coast, you’ll find a ladder down to an unlikely scene on this wild coast – a sandy chasm with coconut trees in the centre. You almost have to go there yourself to believe it.

Location: Huvalu Forest Conservation Area, east coast

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5. Avaiki Cave

Avaiki Cave was once iconic for being the place that only nobles could bathe. Now it’s a must-see natural attraction for its limestone formations and a swimming pool at the bottom with vividly blue waters. Note, however, that the cave can only be accessed at low tide. Check out more amazing caves in Niue here.

Location: Makefu, west coast

10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue(c) niuepocketguide.com

6. Whales

Each year between July and September, humpback whales make an amazing migration from the Antarctic to Niue’s waters. During this time, it’s an iconic moment in Niue to see whales breaching from the waters, whether you’re watching from shore or one of the whale swimming boats. Learn more about seeing whales in The Guide to the Whale Season in Niue.

Location: See some of the best places to watch whales in 10 Amazing Lookouts for Watching Whales in Niue

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7. Hio Beach

Ok, so Niue isn’t famous for its beaches but one beach you may have seen photos of is the picturesque Hio Beach. This long-sweeping beach on the west coast has some amazing snorkelling pools to admire at 30 minutes before and after low tide. There is also a cafe at the top of the sea track providing another spectacular view of the beach.

Location: Tuapa, west coast

10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue(c) Niue Tourism

8. Alofi

Alofi is the main hub on the island, so no doubt an iconic location. It’s a place where much of the Niuean culture can be experienced, whether it’s taking nature tours like the Alofi-based Misa’s Nature Tour or pottering around the Niue Market. All great boating adventures start from Alofi Wharf, whether it’s fishing or scuba diving. Seeing the cargo ship coming in every two weeks is also quite the event!

Location: Alofi, west coast

10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue(c) niuepocketguide.com

9. Scenic Matavai Resort

There’s no doubt that Niue’s one resort is an iconic site in Niue. Its pool, pool bar and restaurant are all perched on clifftop decks overlooking the Pacific Ocean, making for some sensational views across the island. Whether you’re staying as a guest or visiting casually perhaps for a meal at the restaurant, the Scenic Matavai Resort often finds its way into visitors’ holiday snaps one way or the other.

Location: Tamakautoga, west coast

10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue(c) niuepocketguide.com

10. Washaway Cafe

This rocky building tucked in Avatele Bay is showcased in many photos of Niue but what exactly is it? This is the Washaway Cafe, a bar and restaurant that is only open on Sundays. Not only that but it’s an honesty bar, meaning that you write down your food order and pour yourself your drinks. When you’re finished, you simply tell the staff what you had in order to pay. Find out more about Niue’s quirky restaurants in The 10 Best Restaurants in Niue.

Location: Avatele, southwest coast

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