6 Best Cafes in Niue
6 Best Cafes in Niue

7 Best Cafes in Niue

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The Top Cafes in Niue!

Where can you get your coffee fix, a treat-yourself breakfast or a delicious lunch in Niue? Yes, even on the “Rock of the Pacific” you can enjoy warm shots of espresso, as well as indulge in fresh fish burgers or fish and chips for lunch, sip on smoothies made with real fresh fruit and slurp on ice-cold slushies! It’s all available in the cafes in Niue.

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1. Crazy Uga Cafe & Bar

For your morning coffee fix, hearty breakfast or a light lunch, head to the Crazy Uga Cafe & Bar in Alofi. The rustic cafe overlooking a tranquil bar is a stunning place to start your day or even indulge in a cooked breakfast. Fish and chips, salads, paninis and more are also available on the lunch menu. Plus, don’t miss their Wednesday night spitroast/burger nights. See more places to eat for dinner in The 10 Best Restaurants in Niue.

Location: Alofi, opposite the Police Station
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8am-2pm, Wednesday: 6pm-9pm, Saturday: 9am-2pm

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2. Vaiolama Cafe

Did someone say coffee and cake?! Vaiolama Cafe boasts an array of fabulous cakes and fresh sandwiches, as well as other cabinet food at their stunning location of the top of a 30m cliff. They also mix up some amazing smoothies and milkshakes too. They also have an 18-hole mini golf course on-site should you be looking to work off said cake…

Location: Alofi, opposite Alofi Rentals
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9am-3pm, Thursday until 8pm, Sunday: 11am-4pm

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3. Hio Cafe & Bar

Pop in for a hot drink, fresh-fruit smoothie, wine, beer or cocktail when exploring nearby attractions, such as the Matapa Chasm, Limu Pools and Avaiki Cave. The Hio Cafe & Bar is unmissable in its red container along the west coast road, enticing you with its burger and nachos for lunch throughout the week or breakfast on a weekend. They also do Thursday Niuean umu nights should you want to try some local dishes. See more great places to drink in the 6 Best Bars in Niue.

Location: Just outside the village of Tuapa
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-4pm, Thursday umu: from 6.30pm, Friday: 10am till late, Saturday: 10am-4pm, and Sunday: 11am-3pm

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4. Washaway Cafe

For something a bit quirky, head down to the Washaway Cafe at Avatele Beach, exclusively open on a Sunday. The cafe/bar has an honesty bar concept where you write down your food order at the kitchen and help yourself to drinks at the bar. When you’re done, simply tell the bar staff what you had, so you can pay. A range of soft drinks, juice, beers and wines are available, while the food consists of burgers, pizzas and, our favourite, the fish focaccia!

Location: Avatele Beach
Opening hours: Sunday: 11am til late

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5. Cafe Tavana

Last but certainly not least, head to Cafe Tavana for your fish and chips fix! The lovely local ladies serve up amazing fresh fish, chips and salads, as well as a range of affordable burgers. Try their cassava chips for something totally tropical! See more dining options in the town centre in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Alofi.

Location: Alofi Commercial Centre
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9am-2pm, Saturday: 6pm-8pm

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6. Keke Time and the Crow’s Nest

This takeaway cafe offers a range of fabulous ever-changing cabinet food, from impeccably decorated cupcakes to pies to sandwiches and more. Combine your sweet treat with a coffee or perhaps pick up some fish and chips for dinner at this popular fish and chip place with the locals.

Location: Fualahi
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9am-3pm and 6pm-8pm, Sunday: 6pm-8pm

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7. Katuali Coffee House

This locally-run cafe offers an ever-changing menu of hunger-busters, typically including muffins, sandwiches and pizzas, as well as coffee and cold drinks. This popular coffee house with the locals has varying opening hours, so check if it’s open if you happen to be passing by.

Location: Peta Hill, Alofi
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9am-3pm (however, opening times vary)

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[CLOSED] Slush

Refresh with an ice-cold slushie or frappe from Slush! Choose from a range of creative and colourful slushies, smoothies and frappes, or opt for one of the fridge drinks to be “slushed” for you! It’s also a great option for kids.

Location: Back of the Alofi Commercial Centre, next door to the Yacht Club
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm

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More About Cafes in Niue

That’s it for the best cafes in Niue. Now check out which foods to look out for using the 8 Unique Foods in Niue You Have to Try.


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