Top Cheap Eats in Niue(c)
Top Cheap Eats in Niue

The Top Cheap Eats in Niue


Where to Get Cheap Food in Niue

Admittedly, Niue is not a country where you’ll find your ultra-cheap street eats. Niue is a remote country where many food items have to be imported. Nevertheless, there is a small selection of restaurants that have more affordable meals than the rest. We’ll go over some of those in this quick guide to cheap eats in Niue!

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5 Tips to Save Money on Food in Niue

Before we dive into the cheap eats of Niue, here are some extra tips to help you save the cents on scram…

  1. There are plenty of self-catering accommodations in Niue, so consider making some of your own meals to save a ton!
  2. Staying at the resort? Be sure to also eat in town once in a while for cheaper restaurants!
  3. Timing is everything in Niue – so pick up a schedule from the Visitor Information Centre (or ask around) for dining events, markets and more where you can pick up some cheap eats
  4. Pick up more affordable fruit from the Niue Market. There is also an organic market on the first Thursday of the month from 5 pm
  5. Some restaurants allow you to order from the lunch menu for dinner, which is cheaper than the evening menu.

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Top Cheap Eats in Niue©

Cheap Eats in Niue – $10 and Under

That’s right, you certainly don’t need to overspend for lunch with plenty of cafes and restaurants offering light meals for around NZ$10 and under.

Cheap Lunch Deals in Niue

Kaiika (Alofi) has had a long history of NZ$10 lunch specials, typically 10 pieces of sushi either raw or cooked. Otherwise, their evening menu is also available for the stated prices.

For light bites, Vaiolama Cafe (Alofi) is a good go-to for lunch with a range of breakfast rolls, sandwiches, rolls, toasties, wraps and focaccias for NZ$8-$12.

If you have a hankering for Indian food, pick up a cheap vege, chicken or beef roti from Vanilla Cafe (Alofi Commercial Centre) for less than NZ$10.

Finally, if you need fried chicken to keep you going, Buk Buk Chicken (behind Alofi Commercial Centre) has one chicken and chips combo for less than NZ$10. Upgrading to larger combos doesn’t bump up the price too much.

Cheap Market Food in Niue

The market is an opportunity to pick up some of the cheapest snacks in Niue!

Head to the Niue Market (see opening times in the 5 Best Markets in Niue) and you’ll often be able to pick up a range of Niuean snacks, like nane (Niuean porridge), cooked taro, pitako futi (banana bread) and umu-style food for around NZ$5 each.

You can find similar Niuean snacks, as well as the addition of toasted sandwiches at Sevene Tavern (opposite Tomb Point, Alofi) with plenty for around NZ$5. That’s when it’s open (look out for the sign saying “Open”).

Top Cheap Eats in Niue(c)

Cheap Eats in Niue – $20 and Under

Up your budget just a little bit and you’ll find a few more restaurants with affordable enough meals to see you through night and day!

Cheap Burgers and Fish and Chips in Niue

Crow’s Nest (Alofi Commercial Centre) is very reasonable with their fresh fish and chips bearly crossing the NZ$11 mark. They also do well-priced hotdogs, mussels, oysters, prawns and salad.

The Washaway Cafe (Avatele), which is exclusively open Sundays from 11 am till everyone goes home, offers some of the most affordable burgers and pizzas on the island, costing around NZ$15. The fish focaccia (highly recommended) is also around this price. Find the cafe at Avatele Beach.

An affordable option in the Commercial Centre, Cafe Tavana (Alofi Commercial Centre) is a one-stop shop for fish and chips for lunch! A plate of fish and chips and/or salad will only set you back around NZ$20, while burgers and homemade wraps are incredibly affordable at around NZ$13 each.

Friday is Makfurly Burger (Alofi) day at the Niue Market! Choose from beef, chicken or pork and mix it with a pleasingly local ensemble of homemade pawpaw chutney, grilled pawpaw, fresh lettuce and more served in a homemade bread roll. All for around NZ$15!

Cheap Paninis, Wraps and Rolls in Niue

Pick up an affordable lunch from the Crazy Uga Cafe (Alofi) on the main road of the town. The cafe serves up salads, pasta and paninis for around NZ$13, while fish and chips are around NZ$20.

Little Rock (Alofi) is a popular hole-in-the-wall takeaway, particularly for its hot breakfast rolls, toasted wraps and fish and chips/salad all for around NZ$13-$14.

For a hearty focaccia, typically served with a side of banana chips, head to Fana Cafe (Swanson Complex) for the likes of scrambled eggs, bacon, potato croquettes or their signature “umu” focaccia for around NZ$15-$20.

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More About Cheap Restaurants in Niue

That’s it for the best cheap eats in Niue. For more places to treat your tastebuds to, take a look at the following food guides:

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