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10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Niue

10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Niue

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What Can You Do for Free (or Cheap) in Niue?

Relax, Niue is not a destination of tourist traps and having to pay for every little thing. Niue is an affordable piece of paradise where most of the main attractions are 100% free! From walks leading to epic coastal landscapes to snorkelling in unbelievably clear waters, from crafting lessons to cultural performances and more, Niue is proud to share what makes it special for free… or at least very cheap! Check out some of the most affordable highlights in this list of free and cheap things to do in Niue!

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1. Walk the Sea Tracks – FREE

Niue’s coastline is hidden with small coves, magnificent caves, dramatic chasms, picturesque beaches, limestone pinnacles, huge arches and more. How can you find them? Down the many sea tracks throughout the island! Yes, sea tracks lead the way to some of Niue’s most amazing coastal landscapes, whether it’s a 30-40-minute walk to the Talava Arches or the Togo Chasm or a two-second walk to the quaint Tamakautoga Beach. Needless to say, the Niue sea tracks will fill your Niue getaway with awe-inspiring sights. What’s more, they’re free to visit!

Location: All over Niue! Check out some of the top sea tracks and their locations in the 20 Best Sea Tracks in Niue.

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2. Go for a Snorkel – FREE

Admittedly, this point comes hand-in-hand with the point above, as many of the sea tracks lead to sensational snorkelling spots. While some accommodations and dive operators offer snorkel gear hire, it’s highly recommended that you bring your own to make the most of Niue’s clear waters teeming with corals and tropical fish. Top snorkelling spots include the Matapa Chasm, Limu Pools, Talava Arches, Hio Beach and more! All of which, are free to visit!

Location: All over Niue! See the location of each free snorkelling spot in the 10 Best Places to Snorkel in Niue.

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3. Hit the Bike Trails – CHEAP

Not only is cycling in Niue a good way to get to some of the closer attractions to your accommodation (after all, the entire road around the island is still 64 km/40 mi!), but Niue also holds some fun trails in the tropical forest. That’s right, there are five official bike trails in Niue that are old 4WD roads where you can discover a part of the island that very few travellers get to see. Plus, with bike hire only being around NZ$20-$30 a day, it can definitely be classed as a cheap thing to do in Niue! Learn more about biking in The Guide to Mountain Biking & Cycling in Niue.

Location: All over Niue! Bike trail maps can be picked up from the Visitor Information Centre in Alofi. Alternatively, see The 5 Best Bike Trails in Niue for information.

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4. Watch the Local Women Weaving (and Give it a Try Yourself) – FREE/CHEAP

Niuean women are renowned for their weaving skills and making fabulous necklaces known as “kahoa hihi”. Watch the women in action at the Niue Council of Women weaving group taking place in Makini Hall or Aliutu Hall, Alofi, once a week. These sessions are free for visitors to watch. If you want to learn how to make something small, like a coaster, prices depend on the leaf used (NZ$20 for pandanus, NZ$10 for other leaves/fronds).

Location: Aliutu Hall (white building next to the “Jessop” building) or Makini Hall (orange building opposite Utuko Reef), along the main road in Alofi, central west coast of Niue.

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5. Mingle with the Locals in the Niue Market – FREE/CHEAP

The Niue Market in Alofi is the place to be on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning. Locals get together to sell local produce, natural health products, jewellery, clothing and all sorts of unique souvenirs. Even if you don’t have the budget to purchase anything, checking out the market is a priceless cultural experience and an opportunity to mingle with the locals. See more free things to do nearby in the 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Alofi.

Location: Niue Market building, along the main road next to the Visitor Information Centre, Alofi, central west coast of Niue.

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6. Watch Whales and Dolphins from Shore – FREE

While there are some incredible boat tours allowing you to have close encounters with whales and dolphins, a free alternative is heading to one of the coastal viewpoints and watching them from there! Between July and September, humpback whales can be seen in Niue’s waters emerging at the surface and flipping their flukes close to shore. Pods of spinner dolphins swim in unison around the island all year round. The lookouts along the west coast of Niue are great places to keep an eye out for wildlife.

Location: All over Niue! Check out the best wildlife lookouts in the 10 Best Whale & Dolphin Lookouts in Niue.

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7. Visit the Historic Sites – FREE

With human settlement on the island since 900 AD, Niue has racked up a number of interesting historical sites that are well worth a quick visit (and are also free)! For instance, Tomb Point in Alofi is where you can see the tombs of two kings and learn more about Niue’s World Wars involvement. The Laufoli Umu Pit on the east side of the island is an ancient cooking pit with an interesting legend behind it. Taue I Fupiu in Mutalau is the site of a traditional fortress, and so on!

Location: All over Niue! Check out the 10 Fascinating Historical Sites in Niue for locations.

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8. Stargaze in Some of the World’s Darkest Skies – FREE

Being an isolated island in the South Pacific, Niue offers effortlessly amazing stargazing. Away from any large towns producing artificial light pollution, the skies are some of the darkest you’ll find in the world and that’s why Niue is classed as an International Dark Sky Reserve! Even from Alofi, the stargazing is vivid late into the night, but find yourself a spot with no light at all and you’ll be amazed!

Location: Just about anywhere in Niue! See the 5 Best Places for Stargazing in Niue for recommended locations.

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9. Watch Cultural Dancing and Singing at a Local Primary School – FREE

Got some free time on a Friday morning? The Niue Primary School just up the road from Alofi invites visitors to their morning assembly. Get an insight into the Niuean way of life and watch what the school kids have in store for you, whether it’s cultural singing, dancing or something else! The assembly starts at 9 am every second Friday – check at the Visitor Information Centre for upcoming dates.

Location: Niue Primary School, the turn-off is approximately 1.6 km (1 mi) along the Alofi-Liku Road from Alofi. Turn off at the sign for the Alofi Rugby Club and follow the road all the way to the parking area at the end.

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10. Go to a Sunday Church Service – FREE

When fishing trips, whale tours, scuba diving trips and cultural tours close for Sunday sabbath, there’s still one thing you can do on this day of rest. The churches of Niue come alive with beautiful harmonious singing from the locals! Visitors are invited to join Sunday services, where even those who are not religious can still enjoy the spiritual and cultural experience. Remember to wear your Sunday best!

Location: All over Niue! See church locations and service times in the 10 Best Churches in Niue to Experience as a Visitor.

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More Free and Cheap Things to Do in Niue

That’s it for the best free and cheap things to do in Niue. For more experiences, as well as budgeting tips, take a look at the following:

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