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Niue Events Guide 2020 Eat, play the ukulele, do yoga, drive around the island giving out candy, and dance your way through 2020 in Niue! Niue might be a small island with a small population, but it h
What’s Going on in Niue? It’s hard to believe that a small island with only 14 villages and around 1,600 people (as a generous estimate) has any events! But Niue has a strong community spirit that
What to Do on a Sunday in Niue Sunday is a sacred day in Niue, which is reserved for rest, church and relaxation. It is prohibited to go boating, scuba diving or fishing on a Sunday, while many locals
Things to Do on an Evening in Niue After a day of exploring Niue’s stunning coast, snorkelling with tropical fish or lazying by the pool, what is there to do on an evening in Niue? Well, you could l
Rainy Day Activities in Niue Niue is a tropical island so downpours can happen at any time of the year. So when the rain starts to pour, what are your options? What are the things to do in Niue on a r
Things to Do on Departure Day in Niue We admit it, plane days are kind of weird in Niue. Airport check-in opens as early as 9am for the 2.10pm flight and there’s a whole hour to wait between when ch
Celebrating the New Year in Niue Monuina e Tau Foou! Niue is one of the last countries in the world to celebrate the New Year, making it a pretty noteworthy place to visit for New Year fans. What’s
Celebrate New Year’s Eve & the New Year in Niue Monuina e Tau Foou! You’ve chosen one of the last places in the world to celebrate the New Year in one of the world’s smallest countries. Neve
What is Easter Like in Niue? Public holidays are always one for confusion when travelling anywhere in the world. What are the local celebrations? Will businesses still be open? Basically, will you be
What’s it Like to Celebrate Christmas in Niue? Looking for something different to do this Christmas? Escape to Niue, a small yet stunning tropical island in the South Pacific. It’s a place where C
The Guide to the Niue Village Show Days The life and blood of the Niuean culture is in its 14 villages, where each one hosts its own village show day once a year. The village show days in Niue are unm