10 Biggest Events in Niue
10 Biggest Events in Niue

10 Biggest Events in Niue

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What’s Going on in Niue?

It’s hard to believe that a small island with only 14 villages and around 1,600 people (as a generous estimate) has any events! But Niue has a strong community spirit that you can only begin to appreciate if you attend one of the spectacular village show days or the biannual Niue Arts & Culture Festival. Not only that, but Niue has a few surprises in the events calendar for food, yoga, mountain biking and ukulele enthusiasts. So check out what are the biggest events in Niue in the list below.

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1. Takai

Niue has its own way of celebrating the New Year. On the first Saturday after New Year’s Day, locals decorate their vehicles, whether it’s a car, motorcycle or bike. They then drive around from village to village throwing candy out of the window for passers-by! Join in on the fun yourself or simply enjoy the show from the sidelines.

Learn more about celebrating the New Year in How to Spend New Year in Niue.

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2. Village Show Days

Each year, every village in Niue hosts its own show day. This an event that locals from all across Niue, as well as visitors, are welcome to attend to try authentic Niuean food, browse stalls of amazing handicrafts and watch competitions and culture performances. Check out What are the Village Show Days in Niue? for more details about these cultural events.

See the latest confirmed dates for the village show days on the Niue Tourism website.

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3. Marine Days

Some villages also host village marine days in the same week as their show day. This is when everyone heads down to the main sea track of the village to watch reef fishing and vaka (canoe) fishing competitions. The catch is celebrated with a barbecue in the evening. Visitors are welcome to attend, just remember it’s customary to bring something to contribute to the meal.

See the latest confirmed dates for the marine days on the Niue Tourism website.

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4. Niue Arts & Culture Festival

Once every two years, the Niue Arts & Culture Festival is a week-long event celebrating all things Niuean! Typically happening around Easter, the festival features a range of cultural experiences, from cultural performances, art exhibitions, yam-blessing ceremonies, crafting sessions and much much more!

See if the Niue Arts & Culture Festival is happening this year on the Niue Tourism events page.

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5. NiueKulele

Another biannual event, the NiueKulele festival celebrates the iconic island-life instrument, the ukulele. The three-day event is full of ukulele workshops and performances from international artists. Perfect your ukulele skills or just sit back and enjoy the music.

See if the NiueKulele is happening this year on the Niue Tourism events page.

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6. Savour Niue (or Something Similar)

Niue is a country producing an array of tropical crops, including organic vanilla. It is also home to the world’s cleanest bees producing incredible honey, so needless to say, Niue is an excellent destination for food festivals. Foodie events in the past have included Savour Niue, with famous TV chefs, as well as Kai Niue Food Festival. Learn more about the Niue food culture with The Guide to Food in Niue.

Check out what this year’s food festival is on the Niue Tourism events page.

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7. Yoga and Wellness Retreats

Forget another Bali or Thailand retreat. Niue is the “alternative” destination for yoga and wellness retreats more for the fact that many yogis don’t even have Niue on their radar. In fact, Niue has around two retreats per year, focusing on nutrition, fitness and fun in the tranquil island setting of Niue. Check out our guide to the Wellness & Yoga Retreats in Niue for more information.

Check out the next retreat in Niue on the Niue Tourism events page.

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8. Ride the Rock

With more than 190km (118 miles) of bush trails to explore in Niue, no wonder mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular on “The Rock of the Pacific”. For cycling enthusiasts, there’s an annual event that has you racing the bush tracks and quiet sealed roads of Niue on either a 60km (37 miles) race around the island or in short bursts in speed races through the bush. The race has been called different things in the past, including “Round the Rock” and “Rally of the Rock”. Learn more about biking in Niue here.

Ride the Rock typically takes place on the Queen’s Birthday weekend (June 1), but check out the latest dates on the Niue Tourism events page.

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9. Constitution Week

The third week in October is when Niue commemorates becoming a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand. There are three public holidays included in the week, as well as festivities from a flag-raising ceremony to cultural performances to sporting competitions. Attending the festivities is an absolute must if you’re on the island during this time.

The Constitution Day public holidays take place from October 19 to 21. The week of celebrations takes place during the week of these dates (the third week of October).

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10. Christmas

As a country of devout Christians, Christmas is an important holiday for Niueans. It’s spent with family while eating some damn good food. Usually, there are events in the Alofi Commerical Centre in the lead up to Christmas. Additionally, the island’s resort hosts a Christmas lunch and dinner. Find out more about what you could be doing for Christmas in How to Spend Christmas in Niue.

Christmas Day takes place on December 25. It is followed by another public holiday, Boxing Day on the 26th.

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