The Best Villages to Visit in Niue(c)
The Best Villages to Visit in Niue

The Best Villages to Visit in Niue


Where to Visit in Niue

Whenever we are planning a trip to another country, we want to know what are the best towns or places to visit. In Niue, the island is so small that it only has 14 villages, one of which is the country’s capital, Alofi. However, Niue’s accommodations and attractions are scattered across these villages, where it’s only a short drive between them all. On the other hand, perhaps if you want to know where to base yourself and what there is to do very close by, then this guide to the best villages in Niue should give you a hand.

The Best Villages in Niue for…

  • Caves: Makefu and Lakepa
  • Snorkelling: Hikutavake, Tuapa, Makefu and Avatele
  • Scuba diving: Tamakautoga
  • Fishing: Alofi
  • Beaches: Tamakautoga, Avatele and Tuapa
  • Walks: Hikutavake, Liku and Hakupu
  • Chasms: Hikutavake, Hakupu and Liku
  • Nature Tours: Mutalau, Avatele and Hakupu
  • Shopping: Alofi
  • Resorts: Tamakautoga
  • History: Alofi, Makefu, Mutalau, Vaiea and Liku
  • Whale watching: Tamakautoga, Makefu, Hikutavake and Alofi
  • Eating out: Alofi and Tuapa.
The Best Villages to Visit in Niue(c)


Alofi is the capital of Niue and the only town on the island. Located just a five-minute drive from Hanan Airport, it is one of the easiest places to get to in Niue.

The town is not just a place to enjoy its convenient shops and services. Alofi is also where you will find most of the island’s cafes and restaurants, as well as tours such as fishing charters and the Vanilla Plantation Tour. Car rental depots are also based in Alofi.

Alofi has a few sea tracks, reef walks and swimming spots within its boundaries, including Utuko Reef and Vaila Cave. See the 6 Best Sea Tracks in Alofi for more information.

Visitors will find a good range of accommodations in and around the town, spanning from budget guesthouses to more luxurious villas. See Where to Stay in Alofi for listings.

Find out more about Niue’s capital in The Complete Guide to Alofi.

The Best Villages to Visit in Niue(c)


A village between Alofi and Avatele on the southeastern shores of Niue, Tamakautoga has plenty of accommodations, activities and sea tracks for travellers to make the most of.

Tamakautoga is home to Niue’s only full-service resort, the Scenic Matavai Resort, which has a restaurant open for all, as well as a packed schedule of entertainment evenings. There are also guest bungalows in the area for visitors, such as NIC’s Bungalows.

The village is also the base of Niue Blue, a scuba diving operation with additional tours such as whale watching and swimming.

A natural highlight of the village is Tamakautoga Beach, as well as the 5 Best Things to Do in Tamakautoga.

The Best Villages to Visit in Niue(c)


Located on the northeastern shores of Niue, Namukulu has proximity to many of Niue’s top sea tracks, as well as offers tourist accommodation.

The highlight of the village for many is the Limu Pools, a safe swimming spot with excellent snorkelling. You’re also not too far from the neighbouring village of Tuapa with Hio Beach and the Hio Cafe, as well as from Hikutavake with the Matapa Chasm and Talava Arches.

Accommodation here includes Namukulu Cottages with several self-contained bungalows in various layouts and a swimming pool.

The Best Villages to Visit in Niue(c)


A little further south of Namukulu is the village of Makefu, offering a few of the island’s natural highlights, such as Avaiki Cave and Palaha Cave. The Makefu Sea Track is also in the area, offering a good spot for whale and dolphin watching.

A couple of the island’s bike trails along the bush roads are also accessible in the area.

There are a few accommodations, including Anaiki Motel perched on the clifftops above Avaiki Cave, and the holiday home of Lolani’s Retreat.

The Best Villages to Visit in Niue(c)


Sitting at the top east side of the island, Hikutavake is at least a popular village in Niue for visitors, even if there are no places to stay.

The large grassy parking area offers access to a range of attractions, including the snorkelling hotspot Matapa Chasm, the sea track to the amazing Talava Arches, as well as the whale-watching lookout. The Hikutavake Sea Track also leads down to some rockpools, which have some pools for swimming either 30 minutes before or after low tide.

Again, check out the 10 Best Sea Tracks in Niue to learn more.

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Neighbouring Tamakautoga on the southeast corner of Niue, Avatele has a decent range of accommodations and things to do.

Highlights of the village include Avatele Beach, ideal for swimming and snorkelling. It’s also where Niue Blue sometimes launches its dive boat. At the beach is also the Washaway Cafe, which is an honesty bar open on Sunday. Taue Uga Tours for uga hunting also starts in Avatele. Just outside of Avatele is the Pofitu Sea Track, a tiny beach also worth checking out at low tide. Check out the 10 Things to Do in Avatele for more information.

You have a few options when it comes to accommodation in Avatele, including Lau’s Getaway which are two luxury villas, the clifftop cottages of Breeze, the budget Damiana’s Motel, and something-for-everyone Aleki’s Guesthouse.

See The 30 Best Accommodations in Niue for more details.

The Best Villages to Visit in Niue© Niue Tourism

Village Show Days

Each village in Niue hosts its own Village Show Day once a year.

The Village Show Days in Niue are unmissable, providing a morning of fun, food and infectious community spirit. Head down to one of the Village Show Days for a real dose of authentic Niuean culture!

Find out more about these events and when they take place in our guide, What are the Village Show Days in Niue?

More About the Best Villages to Visit in Niue

That’s it for our guide to the best villages to visit in Niue. For more on Niue’s quaint settlements, take a look a the following:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in The Complete Guide to Niue.


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