How to Spend the New Year in Niue
How to Spend the New Year in Niue

How to Spend the New Year in Niue

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Celebrating the New Year in Niue

Monuina e Tau Foou! Niue is one of the last countries in the world to celebrate the New Year, making it a pretty noteworthy place to visit for New Year fans. What’s more, Niueans have their own special tradition to celebrate the New Year called Takai! That alone is a reason to celebrate the New Year in Niue.

So plan your New Year’s getaway with this guide on how to spend the New Year in Niue to make sure your visit is extra special.

5 Ways to Spend the New Year in Niue

  • Join in the Takai celebrations!
  • Watch the last sunset of the year
  • Have a New Year’s feast at the Scenic Matavai Resort
  • Drink the night away at one of Niue’s bars
  • Spend the New Year in tranquillity at one of the island’s peaceful accommodations.

Let us elaborate more on those points in the 5 Ways to Spend the New Year in Niue.

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What is Takai?

Takai is a traditional holiday in Niue to celebrate the New Year.

The official public holiday is on January 2, as New Year’s Day on January 1 is also a public holiday. However, the Takai celebration as we’re about to describe tends to take place on the first weekend after the New Year. See the Niue Tourism Events Page for dates for this year.

So what is Takai? Historically, this is where villagers would walk from village to village, sharing gifts to wish goodwill for the New Year. Today, the locals have swapped walking for driving around the island, instead, dressing up their vehicles in the wildest and most creative ways, throwing out candy to villages they pass by.

Visitors are welcome to participate in the event. Otherwise, it’s simply just fun to watch, so set yourself up at one of the 14 villages on the island and enjoy the show! Plus, check out more events throughout the year in 10 Biggest Events in Niue.

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New Year at the Resort

As for New Year’s Eve, the island’s one and only resort, the Scenic Matavai Resort, usually hosts a New Year’s event that everyone is welcome to join but bookings are essential.

In the past, the Scenic Matavai Resort has hosted fireworks nights to special barbecue nights with live music. It’s typically a good opportunity to try some Niuean food to celebrate the New Year the Niuean way.

Learn more about the resort in Niue in the 10 Best Hotels & Resorts in Niue.

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Bars to Head to for New Year’s Eve

Finally, if you’re looking for something to do which is a little more universal, then head to one of Niue’s bars or restaurants! New Year is always a good excuse to drink and be merry, so go to a watering hole and enjoy it with other visitors and the locals.

Bars in Niue

These are the bars in Niue that are likely to stay open until midnight for New Year’s Eve:

  • All Relativf – A vibrant cocktail bar in the Swanson Shopping Complex
  • Pacific Way Bar – A local’s bar in Alofi open Thursday and/or Friday
  • Clayton’s Bar – A favourite with the locals open Thursdays only in Alofi
  • Hio Cafe & Bar – An option if New Year’s Eve falls on a Friday night, located in Tuapa
  • Washaway Cafe – An honesty bar that is an option if New Year’s Eve happens to fall on a Sunday
  • Kaiika Restaurant – Not a bar, but still serving a range of drinks and good food to celebrate the New Year.

Learn more about Niue’s bars in the 9 Best Bars in Niue.


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