What is Constitution Day in Niue?© Niue Tourism
What is Constitution Day in Niue?

What is Constitution Day in Niue?

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A Guide to Constitution Day in Niue

When planning a trip to Niue or if you’re passionate about learning more about the country, it’s always helpful to know about the important days and events that are celebrated. One of the most significant annual events in Niue is Constitution Day which, ironically, lasts for three public holidays and an entire week of celebrations! Learn more about how Constitution Day in Niue might affect your getaway (in a positive way, of course) and how it’s significant to the island nation in this guide.

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When is Constitution Day in Niue?

Constitution Day in Niue is on October 19.

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What is Constitution Day?

Constitution Day is a holiday in Niue to commemorate the day that Niue became a self-governing state and no longer a New Zealand territory.

The holiday celebrates the day that the Niue Constitution Act 1974 took effect. This Act stipulates the Cabinet of Niue, which is composed of the Premier and three other ministers. The Premier and ministers are members of the Niue Legislative Assembly, i.e. the nation’s parliament. You can delve more into the political structure of Niue in our guide to Who Owns Niue? The Political Status of Niue.

In short, Constitution Day remembers the day that Niue first became a self-governing nation.

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The Constitution Day Public Holidays (Consitution Week)

Niue has not one, not two, but three public holidays to commemorate Constitution Day. The first public holiday is Constitution Day itself, October 19, while Constitution Day Holidays fall on the following days of October 20 and October 21 (or October 22 if 21 falls on a Sunday).

With three public holidays in the span of three or four days, the whole third week of October is considered Constitution Week in Niue.

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What is Constitution Day in Niue?© Niue Tourism

How Niue Celebrates Constitution Day and Constitution Week

Niue’s Constitution Week is full of events and festivities. It all starts on October 19 with a flag-raising ceremony, typically held at Niue’s Parliament Building. On the other hand, this ceremony has historically been held at different venues, such as the Fale Tau Taoga – Niue Museum. The Niuean flag is raised, usually alongside the New Zealand flag to show the country’s status as a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand. In some years, however, the New Zealand flag has not been raised as part of a political statement.

For the following days after the flag-raising ceremony, there is often a mix of festivities including cultural presentations, cultural performances, competitions and more. Because these events change yearly, it’s best to check the Niue Tourism events page to see the latest scheduled events for Constitution Week.

More About Niue Constitution Day and Other Events

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