6 Best Bars in Niue
6 Best Bars in Niue

7 Best Bars in Niue 🍹 [2023]

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Where to Get a Drink in Niue!

Niue is not an island with nightclubs and dancing until 4am. It is, however, a damn good place for sundowners (seriously, you’ll see some of the best sunsets here) with bars strategically placed on west coast clifftops to make the most of it. From cocktail bars to pool bars to honesty bars, Niue might only have a small selection of drinking holes, but man, it’s varied! See what you’re in for with this list of the best bars in Niue!

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1. All Relativf

Located in the Swanson complex, All Relativf is the place for good cocktails, good music and good people. The owner, John, mixes up an array of refreshing cocktails using fresh ingredients – and you can really tell! The menu has pictures, should you be out for the most Instagram-worthy drink, but whatever you pick, know that the cocktails are definitely not too light on the alcohol! Non-alcoholic mocktails, smoothies and other drinks are also available. The bar is open 2pm till late, Monday to Saturday.

Location: Swanson shopping complex, Tapeu-Porritt Road (near the airport).

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2. Hio Cafe & Bar

A rustic red container on the clifftops and nestled in forest, it’s well worth the journey to Tuapa for a drink at the Hio Cafe & Bar. Although the cafe is open for lunch and dinner with a limited menu, does Thursday Niuean umu nights, and is open for breakfast on weekends, it also has a pleasingly varied drinks menu. Treat yourself to real-fruit smoothies and cocktails and have a spritzer, your favourite beer or cider. They also serve coffee. Learn more about their food in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

Location: Near the village of Tuapa on the west coast of Niue.

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3. Pool Bar @ Scenic Matavai Resort

The Scenic Matavai Resort has its very own Pool Bar, which you can either swim up to order from the pool or enjoy your drink dry on the elevated decks overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They have an extensive cocktail and mocktail menu, as well as beers, ciders and premium New Zealand and international wines. Happy hour is 5pm-6pm daily.

Location: Scenic Matavai Resort, Tamakautoga on the west side of the island.

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4. Vaiolama Cafe & Bar

Thursday evenings are best spent at the Vaiolama Cafe & Bar, open until 8pm rather than their usual 3pm. The idyllic clifftop location provides stunning views of the sunset to go along with your wine, beer, soft drinks, smoothies or juice. Happy hour is between 4pm and 6pm. They are also open Sunday, 11am to 4pm.

Location: Alofi South, opposite Alofi Rentals.

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5. Pacific Way Bar

Located in Amanau in Alofi South, the Pacific Way Bar is the place to be on Thursday/Friday evenings. Pop in for a drink with the locals at this well-established drinking hole. Note that payment is in cash only.

Location: Amanau, Alofi South (near the Amanau Sea Track).

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6. Clayton’s Bar

Another locals’ watering hole in Alofi, Clayton’s Bar is only open on Thursday nights. Find them in Alofi South.

Location: Alofi South.

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7. Runway Bar

The final bar you’re likely to encounter in Niue is Hanan Airport’s very own Runway Bar. After passing through airport security to the Departure Lounge, you’ll find the Runway Bar selling the cheapest beer on the island. Plus, they offer a range of cold drinks, as well as snacks and hot pies. See more about your final day in Niue in the Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process.

Location: Hanan Airport.

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[CLOSED] Washaway Cafe

Finally, for something a little quirky, head down to the Washaway Cafe at Avatele Beach to help yourself at this serve-your-own bar! Exclusively open on Sundays, the Washaway Cafe has fridges and chests full of soft drinks, juices, beer, wines and spirits. Once you’re done, tell the staff what you had and pay for it. Simple. Check out more things you can do on a Sunday in Niue here.

Location: Avatele Beach, southwest coast of the island.

[CLOSED] Falala Fa Cafe & Bar

While primarily a restaurant for lunch and dinner, the Falala Fa Cafe & Bar also makes a good place for a drink. The family-friendly venue has a menu of cocktails, wines, beers, spirits and hot drinks. If heading there on an evening, be sure to book a table in advance. Learn more about their food in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Alofi.

Location: Alofi, on the corner of the main road and Halamahaga Road.

More Bars in Niue

That’s it for the best bars in Niue. For more tips related to bars in Niue, whether it’s the island’s restaurants or other things to do on an adults-only escape, check these out:

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