Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process(c) niuepocketguide.com
Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process

Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process

(c) niuepocketguide.com

Hanan Airport Departure Process: What You Need to Know

Your final day in Niue will be a little different from what it’s like departing from other countries. Because the same airport staff operate the airport check-in and security at Hanan International Airport, Niue’s only airport, there is some waiting time between checking in for your flight and passing through airport security. Luckily, you don’t have to stay at the airport during this waiting period, as we give you ideas for things to do in this Niue departure guide. We also outline the complete Niue Airport departure process, so you won’t get thrown off on departure day!

5 Tips and Things to Do Before Leaving Niue

Before we dive into the guide for leaving Niue, here are a few departure tips:

  1. When packing your bags to leave Niue, make sure that you put anything that won’t pass through airport security into your check-in luggage
  2. Check-in at the airport in the morning not only to avoid queues but to give you time to enjoy more of Niue before Airport Security opens in the afternoon
  3. If you have bought any food, animal products, plant material, etc. get a certificate from the Quarantine Office so you can take it back to New Zealand with you
  4. If you are returning a rental car at the airport, simply park it at the airport car park and leave the keys inside the car (leave a window open if the car automatically locks though)
  5. See The Complete Guide to Alofi Airport Niue to see what facilities are available at the airport.

Now, let’s continue with more advice for leaving Niue and what to do on departure.

Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process© NiuePocketGuide.com

Hanan Airport Check-In Departure Process

You need to arrive at Hanan International Airport for your departure flight around two hours before your scheduled departure time. Once you’ve checked in, however, this doesn’t mean you have to stick around at the airport. More on that later…

Departure Airport Transfers

There are limited ways to get to the airport in Niue. Those with a rental vehicle will be able to drive to Hanan Airport and leave the vehicle at the airport once they are done with using it. Those without a rental vehicle should be able to arrange airport transfers through their accommodation. See Airport Transfer Options in Niue for more details.

Check-In for International Departures

Check-in for flights departing Niue opens at 9 am on plane days, but don’t be surprised if it opens later, usually around 9:15-9:30 am. Check-in closes at around 12 pm.

You do not need to declare any personal items that you are leaving Niue with unless you’re carrying NZ$10,000+ or the foreign equivalent in cash. There may be certain items, like food, that you can’t take past the borders of the country you are arriving in (such as New Zealand) or that you need a quarantine certificate for, so be sure to research the biosecurity measures of your destination/home country. These items, however, you don’t need to declare in Niue.

You will check-in any larger luggage you may have, and then you will be given a boarding pass and a Departure Declaration Card, which you can learn more about in our guide to The Niue Passenger Departure Card.

Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process© NiuePocketGuide.com

Things to Do Between Check-In and Going Through Security

Since airport security doesn’t open until around 12:30 pm, you have some time to kill between check-in and going through Airport Security. That’s why we recommend checking in your baggage as soon as you can in the morning, freeing you up the rest of the morning and the beginning of the afternoon to enjoy a few more hours of holiday time!

Check out the full list of recommendations in 10 Things to Do Your Last Day in Niue. Otherwise, here’s a quick idea…

Get Some Lunch

Restaurants (usually) open for lunch on plane days include:

  • Fana Cafe, Swanson Complex
  • Kaiika, Alofi
  • Crazy Uga Cafe, Alofi
  • Vaiolama Cafe, Alofi
  • Tavana Cafe, Alofi
  • Vanilla Cafe, Alofi
  • Dolphin Restaurant, Scenic Matavai Resort in Tamakautoga

For more information on these eateries, see The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

Explore the Alofi Sea Tracks

Just so you don’t venture too far from the airport, check out some of the Alofi sea tracks you might have missed during your stay. See the 6 Best Sea Tracks in Alofi for more information.

Shop or Go to the Museum in Alofi

Other short activities you can do in Alofi include shopping for souvenirs, where you can see shopping recommendations in Where to Find the Best Souvenirs in Niue. There is also the Fale Tau Taoga (Niue National Museum) is open on Tuesdays but not on Fridays. For more inspiration, see the 10 Things to Do in Alofi.

Go Back to the Resort

If you have been staying at the Scenic Matavai Resort, there are a couple of shuttles running on plane days. You can catch their first shuttle for the airport check-in at 9:30 am, then catch the same shuttle back to the resort to relax by the pool, have a cocktail at the bar and/or have lunch, before taking the shuttle back to the airport at 12:30 pm.

Browse the Airport Market

To kill some time at Hanan Airport, there is a small market set up beside the waiting area on plane days. Browse a small selection of souvenirs, such as jewellery and garlands, as well as purchase hot food, Niuean snacks, and hot and cold drinks.

Get a Phytosanitary Certificate from the Quarantine Office

If you intend to take any food, animal products, plant material and/or other goods from Niue, then you need to purchase a phytosanitary certificate in order for the items to pass through biosecurity in Auckland. These can be purchased from the Quarantine Office, which is located next to the airport check-in at Hanan Airport. The Quarantine Office opens at 9 am on plane days. Find out more about the process in How to Get a Quarantine & Phytosanitary Certificate in Niue.

Complete the Departure Card

While you’re waiting in the airport waiting area before Security opens, you will be given a Niue Departure Card to complete. This is a short form asking for personal details, such as your name, date of birth, marital status, etc. It also asks about how you heard about Niue and your expenditure whilst in the country. Learn more about the form in our Guide to the Niue Departure Card.

Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process(c) niuepocketguide.com


At around 12:30 pm, Airport Security opens and you can now continue the airport departure process from Niue.

Airport Security

At security, you will show your passport, boarding pass and departure card to a Customs Officer. You will then enter the room behind to put your bags and items like laptops into separate trays to go through X-ray machines. There are certain items you can’t take through airport security, such as sharp objects, sporting goods, matches or lighters, and liquids, aerosols, gels or pastes that are not in 100 ml (3.4 oz) containers.

You will also be checked with a metal detector to check for any restricted items on your person. Then, collect your bags and move to the Immigration Desk.


There is one more procedure before entering the Departure Lounge, Immigration. Just like when you arrived, approach an Immigration counter when asked to do so. The Immigration Officer will check your passport and boarding pass. Then, you’ll move into the Departure Lounge.

Do You Need to Pay a Departure Tax for Niue?

You do not need to pay the departure tax of NZ$150 for leaving Niue if you are leaving via plane, as the tax is included in the price of your plane ticket. Learn more about the departure tax in Niue Tipping & Tax Guide for Travellers.

Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process© NiuePocketGuide.com

Hanan Airport Departure Lounge

You’ll then enter the Departure Lounge of Hanan Airport, where there is Bo’s Bar by the Runway, selling alcohol, soft drinks, snacks and hot food. At some point, the Niue Bond Store will open, a duty-free store that mostly sells alcohol but also a few coconut products – see The Guide to Duty-Free Shopping in Niue. There are also toilet facilities available.

Once your flight is ready to board (after arriving, unboarding, and then preparing for departure, which you’re likely to witness), you will need to show your passport and boarding pass to staff before boarding the plane.

For the process for disabled passengers, see Accessibility in Niue: Disabled & Wheelchair Access Guide.

More About the Niue Airport Departure Process

That’s it for the guide to the airport departure process for Niue. For more information about Hanan International Airport and a few more tips for departure, check out the following guides:

Finally, check out The Complete Travel Guide to Niue and the 31 Tips for Travelling in Niue for even more trip-planning advice.


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