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The Ultimate List of Travel Tips for Niue! Niue may be only one small island but it is an understatement to say that it packs a lot! With dozens of sea tracks hidden on its shoreline, you will go on d
What is Where in Niue? Niue is an island with a landmass of 2160km² (100mi sq) and just 14 villages lining the coastline, so the geography of the island isn’t too complicated to understand. However
Travel in Niue: What You Need to Know Niue is probably one of the more surprising destinations in the South Pacific. There’s something amazing to see around every corner on this large raised coral a Donates Reusable Straws to Niue While travelling around the island of Niue, ordering yourself a cocktail, smoothie or soft drink from the island’s laidback bars, you may notice t
The Best Reef Shoes and Water Shoes for Niue Let’s not beat around the bush; reef shoes are an absolute essential for Niue. Seriously, we included it in our 10 Essentials to Pack for Niue. Unlik
Is there Internet in Niue? The first thing you might be wondering is if there is internet in Niue? There certainly is, but don’t expect to have the choice or access to fast free internet like what i
Niue Family Holiday Tips Niue is a tropical family getaway like nowhere else. Instead of spending day after day by the pool, you’ll be spending it by swimming holes surrounded by dramatic coral clif
Packing Essentials for Niue We’ve already covered the whole packing process in-depth in our Complete Packing List for Niue but we are still asked weekly what are the must-have items for a trip to Ni
The Guide to the Tide in Niue Niue is a place where you’ll probably want to spend most of your time in its warm crystal clear waters with tropical fish! However, while the rocky island has some fant
The Ultimate Niue Packing List Despite popular belief, packing is not a chore, it’s a great way to see how little you need to go on with life! We like to think of it as a way to get some perspective
The Events and Weather in Niue: Month-by-Month When is the best month to visit Niue? There’s really never a bad month to visit, it just depends on what type of weather you prefer, whether you want t
Tips for Packing Your Bags for Niue So you’re at the packing stage of your getaway to Niue. Our list of packing tips for Niue is a good place to start where we give advice on baggage allowance, esse
When to Visit Niue When is a good time to visit Niue? Well, we all have different things we want out of a tropical getaway. It could be to escape the winter at home, it could be to escape people at ho
Odd Hours, Sundays and Tide Times in Niue Timing and schedules are all part of the travel experience, from departure time to arrival time. In the South Pacific, there’s always an anxiety of whether
Hanan Airport Departure Process: What You Need to Know Your final day in Niue will be a little different from what it’s like departing from other countries. Because the same airport staff operate th