Airport Transfer Options in Niue©
Airport Transfer Options in Niue

How to Get an Airport Transfer in Niue


What Airport Transport is Available in Niue?

A necessary arrangement to make for any getaway is your airport transfer. How are you going to get between your accommodation and the airport? Luckily, in Niue, you won’t have to scratch your head about it for too long, as there are only two real options available: taking an airport transfer through your accommodation or renting a car. We go through each in this guide to the airport transfer options in Niue.

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5 Tips for Airport Transfers in Niue

  1. Don’t expect taxis to be waiting outside of the airport on arrival
  2. Airport transfers with accommodations must be booked before arrival
  3. All of Niue’s car rental companies offer airport pick-up/drop-off at no extra charge
  4. Car rentals must be booked prior to arrival to pick up at the airport
  5. To return your car rental at the airport, simply park it up and leave the keys in the car.

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Airport Transfers Through Your Accommodation

One option for getting between Hanan Airport and your chosen accommodation is through airport transfers organised through your accommodation provider. This service needs to be organised with your accommodation prior to arrival.

While most accommodations in Niue offer complimentary airport transfers, some will charge a small fee. On arrival, accommodation hosts or representatives will be waiting with a sign for you outside of the arrivals area. If you’re staying at the Scenic Matavai Resort or Villas, go to the Scenic Matavai kiosk.

For returning to Hanan Airport for your departure flight, airport transfer times can be organised with your hosts during your stay.

Accommodations That Offer Airport Transfers

Find out more about each accommodation in the 10 Accommodations in Niue That Offer Airport Transfers. Even if your chosen accommodation is not on the list, it’s always worth inquiring about airport transfers, as most are happy to oblige.

Airport Transfer Options in Niue©

Car Rental Airport Pick-Up

The car rentals in Niue make it easy and affordable to use rental cars for airport transport thanks to the option to pick up/drop off vehicles at Hanan Airport for no additional fee.

If you have booked a car rental for pick-up at Hanan Airport, your car rental will be available on your arrival in Niue.

Picking Up Your Rental Vehicle from Niue Airport

Different car rental companies have different processes for picking up the vehicle. The most common process is as follows: Outside the arrivals area, pop-up car rental kiosks are there along with car rental staff to go through your booking. You’ll go through the car rental paperwork, as well as a vehicle inspection before you’re handed over the keys to the vehicle. The vehicle will either be parked at the airport car park or right at the entrance of the airport – either way, it will not be too far to walk.

Alternatively, some car rental companies will leave you instructions on where to find the vehicle at the airport. The car will be open with the keys in the ignition. There should be a booklet in the glove compartment outlining the car rental policy.

Airport Transfer Options in Niue©

Returning Your Rental Vehicle at Niue Airport

You can also use your car rental to return to Hanan Airport when catching your departure flight. The process for returning your vehicle at the airport is simple: park the vehicle in the airport car park and leave the car keys in the car (we recommend leaving the window down if it’s a newer vehicle with the threat of locking itself). There is no additional paperwork or procedures to be done.

Car Rentals in Niue Offering Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off

  • Alofi Rentals
  • Niue Rock Rentals
  • Niue Rentals
  • Heahea Rentals
  • Niue 4X4 Rentals
  • Ilena’s Rentals
  • Denzel Car Rentals

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More About Niue Airport Transfers

That’s it for our guide to getting an airport transfer in Niue. Now you know, here are some other arrival steps to be aware of:

Finally, for all your other transport needs while on the island, take a look at the Niue Transport Guide: 11 Ways to Get Around Niue.


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