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Interesting Niue Facts! Who doesn’t love a fun fact? If you’re heading to the island of Niue, then there’s plenty of interesting things you’ll learn through the island’s tours and while expl
What Language Do They Speak in Niue? Despite the fact that you will feel in a brand new world when visiting Niue, communication will be pretty easy. Niue only has two official languages: Niuean (or Va
Learn About Niue with Some Fun Facts! We all want our kids to get as much out of travelling to a new country as possible. A good way to go this is to teach them a few things about the country you’re
A History of Niue in Brief Not many people seem to know about Niue today, let alone its history. With no written records of Niue’s history before European contact, little is known about Niue’s his
What are the Religions in Niue? Niue is a religious country, particularly devoted to Christianity. Christianity was introduced on the island more than 150 years ago and has been going strong ever sinc
Local Customs and Cultural Protocol in Niue A new country means new customs. This is especially true for Niue, which is home to a unique Polynesian culture with its own customs surrounding tradition a
What You Need to Know About Niue on a Sunday Sunday is a day of rest, quiet and worship on the island of Niue. As a devout Christian country, going to church is important to locals, which, in turn, pr
A Quick Guide to the Niuean People The 261.5km2 (162 mi sq) island of Niue is an island of a vast majority of an ethnic group called Niueans. Interestingly, there are more Niueans living outside of th