Find the Perfect Niue Accommodation If holidaying in one of the world’s smallest countries wasn’t enough, the accommodations in Niue only enhance the tranquillity. There’s only one r
Where to Stay in Niue Great! You’ve found our accommodation article for Niue, probably because you searched for “hotels in Niue” or “resorts in Niue”. But let’s get one thing straight… N
Where to Stay in Alofi Let’s cut to the chase, there are no “hotels” in Alofi. Accommodation in the capital of Niue is made up of guest houses, holiday homes and self-contained units. This means
Niue Accommodation Close to Snorkelling Spots Forget about another South Pacific getaway where you sit around the pool all day. Niue has its own natural swimming pools to enjoy, complete with clear wa
Advice on Choosing Foodie Accommodation in Niue Where should you stay in Niue if you want a foodie experience? While in the rest of the Pacific, “foodie” accommodation might be for resorts with a
Where to Stay in Niue with a Pool You may have heard that Niue is a little different from your average South Pacific getaway. It’s a place with minimal beaches, a place with a lot of adventure, and
Places to Stay in Alofi Alofi is the capital of Niue and a great base for exploring the island. Most of Niue’s accommodations are found in the town, consisting of guest houses, self-contained bungal
How to Book a Place to Stay in Niue It is a mandatory entry requirement for Niue to have your accommodation booked for the duration of your stay. But how do you book accommodation in Niue? You’ll se
Places to Stay in Niue Where should you stay when visiting the “Rock of the Pacific”? Niue has approximately 40 accommodations to choose from, whether it’s a local guest house, a quaint self-con
Niue Accommodation with Airport Transport Sometimes it’s the little things that help make a good holiday an amazing holiday, and it can be for something simple like airport transfers. With your only
Niue Accommodation with Bicycle Hire Any savvy traveller knows that it’s the inclusions of an accommodation that are just as important as what the accommodation looks like. Any additional services c
Niue Accommodations with Car Hire Niue is an island that you’ll definitely want to explore to its fullest, so finding a rental car is an important consideration for many. Well, what if we told you t
Places to Stay in Avatele While most accommodation in Niue is in or surrounds the capital, Alofi, those seeking a quieter spot might want to set their sights on Avatele. The little village is home to
The Best Accommodations in Niue for Watching Whales The whale season in Niue doesn’t mean you can only enjoy seeing Humpback Whales from dive and fishing boats. Whales come so close to shore that yo
Niue Accommodation with WiFi Whether you’re in Niue on some sort of tropical business or absolutely need to share your holiday snaps, finding accommodation with WiFi can be pretty important. With th