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Fishing in Niue: When to Go, What to Catch and How to Catch it One of the hidden gems of fishing in the South Pacific, Niue’s waters are uncrowded and unmatched. Only within 100-600m from shore you
The Fishing Seasons in Niue When is the best time to fish in Niue? Well, with warm waters and mostly glorious weather year-round on this tropical island, there’s never really a bad time to head out
Fishing Tours in Niue For a small island where “choice” is often a privilege, fishing charters break the mould with a great selection available, skippered by passionate locals and expats that are
What to Look for When Choosing a Niue Fishing Charter With Niue being such a small island with a population of only around 1,600 people, you often don’t get a “choice” when it comes to any type
What Fish Species Can You Target in Niue? If you’re looking at this article, then chances are you already know how awesome Niue is for game fishing – just check The Guide to Fishing in Niue for a
Advice for Fishing in Niue There are many reasons to head out onto Niue’s blue waters, whether it’s watching Humpback Whales, scuba diving or reeling in the monsters of the deep. Incidentally, Niu
Spearfishing Tours in Niue Looking for your next spearfishing mission in the South Pacific? How about in the crystal clear waters of Niue?! The rocky coral atoll is surrounded by a narrow reef droppin
What You Need to Know About Spearfishing in Niue The excitement of freediving for pelagic whoppers vividly seen through crystal clear waters is unmatched in Niue. If you’re serious about spearfishin
Alofi Fishing Tours Start your fishing adventure from the hub of Niue, Alofi, where trips depart from the island’s main wharf, Sir Robert’s Wharf. After your charter boat is lowered into the water