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8 Best Fishing Charters in Niue

8 Best Fishing Charters in Niue

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The Top Fishing Tours in Niue

For a small island where “choice” is often a privilege, fishing charters break the mould with a great selection available, skippered by passionate locals and expats that are keen to show you the ropes and share their fishing grounds. They’ll help you reel in the big ones, whether it’s mahimahi, wahoo, giant trevally, yellowfin tuna or something else that you’ve always wanted to target. See who can take you out to Niue’s deep blue, which is incidentally only around 100-200 metres from the shore, with this list of the best fishing charters in Niue!

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1. Fish Niue Charters – A Full-Time Fishing Charter with an Experienced Local

Circumvent the stunning coastline of Niue while reeling in mahimahi, wahoo or yellowfin tuna with Fish Niue Charters. Hop in the 6.3 m Stabicraft powered by a 115 HP 4-stroke Yahama outboard motor equipped with all the appropriate safety gear and top-of-the-line fishing equipment.

Fish Niue Charters, run by a local skipper BJ Rex, offers 5-hour fishing charters, specialised spearfishing trips, and whale-watching trips during the whale season. Your catch can be professionally prepared for dinner at Vaiolama Cafe and/or take a piece back to cook up at your accommodation. What’s more, Fish Niue is one of the few full-time fishing charters on the island, so can usually squeeze you in sometime throughout the week.

Charters include all gear, tackle, bait and light refreshments. Trips are suitable for up to four people.

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2. Niue Wahoo Fishing Charters – The Best Fishing Charter for Enthusiasts and Families Alike

Boasting one of the newest fishing boats in Niue, Niue Wahoo Fishing Charters will take you out in their 2018 custom-built Stabicraft 2050 hardtop.

Experienced local skipper, Clifford Marsh, not only caters to experienced anglers but also prides his charter on being family-friendly should you want to take the youngsters hooked on a fish. Providing a fun and relaxed vibe for all onboard, there’s not much reason to say no!

There are two trips available; a 5-hour fishing charter or a more relaxed 2 hr 30 mins afternoon charter. Catches supply Fana Cafe if you want to try some for yourself!

Gear, tackle, bait and light refreshments are provided. Trips are suitable for up to four people.

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3. Niue Fishing Charters – The Best Fishing Charter for Groups of 4/5

Join a local fishing guide with more than 30 years of experience fishing in Niue’s waters with Niue Fishing Charters. Jump onboard with Brendon on his 7.3 m Stabicraft 2400 Supercab powered by a 200 HP 4-stroke Yamaha motor. It’s one of the only charters on the island suitable for up to five people, should your group be larger than the usual two or four.

Troll for pelagic fish species or opt for jigging, casting or drift lining – whichever gives you the best chances of catching your targeted fish. Niue Fishing Charters offers half-day fishing charters, bluewater spearfishing charters, as well as sunset coastal cruises.

Learn more about spearfishing in The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in Niue.

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4. Paul Pasisi Charters – Fish with a Local Legend

Join your experienced local guide on the Temana, a hardtop pontoon boat custom-built for Niue’s sea conditions. With more than 30 years of fishing experience behind him, Paul can show you the ropes of bluewater fishing and spearfishing.

The 5-hour fishing charter is their standard trip, while a 4-hour spearfishing excursion is also available for those with their own gear and guns.

Again, head to The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in Niue for more advice for spearos.

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5. Gone Fishing Niue Charters – The Best Small-Group Fishing Charter

A maximum of three anglers can join on a 3 to 4-hour fishing charter with Gone Fishing Niue Charters.

Join your passionate and friendly guide, Alan Wilson on his Stabicraft 1850 Fisher fitted with a 100 HP Yamaha 4-stroke motor and a 15 HP Yamaha Aux where you can either bring your own gear or make use of their very capable Shimano rods and reels.

The trip is ideal for those looking for a small-group experience and a shorter trip than the usual 5-hour mission.

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6. Sea Turtle Charters – The Best Fishing Charter for Solo Anglers

For an intimate fishing charter ideal for one or two anglers, join Sea Turtle Charters for an awesome experience on the water.

Passionate expat, Ian, is your skipper who will show you how to tackle tropical pelagic fish aboard his 5.5 m Surtees Workmate. With around 10 years of experience fishing the clear blue waters of Niue, Ian knows some of the most productive techniques, supplying all of the gear and bait – but you’re also free to bring your own.

What’s more, who can complain when the charter is one of the most affordable on the island?!

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7. Kiu Tahi Charters – Local Fishing Tour Best for Targetting Niue Favourites

Get the locals’ experience with James Douglas on Kiu Tahi Charters in their 5.7 m pontoon boat with a 115 HP Yamaha 4-stroke motor and a backup motor.

The boat is geared up to target wahoo, tuna, mahimahi, dogtooth tuna, giant trevally and Pacific barracuda with trawl lines, jigging and bottom fishing. Either way, you’ll be with someone who has thousands of hours of fishing the local waters.

For more on the types of fish to target, check out Fishing in Niue: The Types of Fish in Niue.

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8. Teresa’s Charters – The Fishing Charter with the Most Hands on Deck!

You’ll get full attention on this fishing charter, which not only includes the skipper, Des Hipa, but a deckhand. What’s more, things are kept intimate with your group of only up to three passengers onboard Teresa’s Charters’ 6 m Stabicraft with a 115 HP Yamaha motor.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about a thing with all the gear included, from the top-of-the-line rods to lures and bait.

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[CLOSED] Vaimono Charters

Join Vaimono Charters for their 4-hour charter onboard a 5m alloy boat equipped with all of the expected gear and safety equipment. They are a well-established fishing charter in Niue that can take up to three anglers.

[CLOSED] Niue Sport Fishing Charters

Join Andy and BJ on their purpose-built 659 Stabicraft Supercab powered by a 4-stroke 150HP Yamaha motor ensuring a smooth ride. Equipment is key for this sports fishing charter, which has some of the latest Shimano game rods and reels, an EPIRB, colour GPS and depth sounder electronics, VHF and a satellite phone. The team prides itself on chartering to your requirements with a range of lures, poppers, jigs, stick baits and fresh baits to suit a variety of fishing styles.

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That’s it for our list of the best fishing tours and charters in Niue. For more about fishing on “The Rock”, take a look at the following:

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