The Best Time for Fishing in Niue©
The Best Time for Fishing in Niue

The Best Time of Year for Fishing in Niue


The Fishing Seasons in Niue

When is the best time to fish in Niue? Well, with warm waters and mostly glorious weather year-round on this tropical island, there’s never really a bad time to head out with one of the local fishing charters to reel in some Pacific whoppers. However, if you are targeting specific game species, like mahimahi, yellowfin tuna or wahoo, then there are certainly better times than others to head to Niue. Find out more about the best time of year for fishing in Niue in the guide below.

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Quick Tips for Fishing in Niue

  • The charter policy in Niue is that the catch stays with the boat. However, some charters will cut a piece of the catch for you to cook up at your accommodation, while others will deliver your catch to local restaurants for you to try professionally prepared
  • Niue has tight fishing regulations where visitors can only fish from Sir Robert’s Wharf in Alofi or with a licensed fishing charter. Elsewhere, visitors must seek permission
  • All of Niue’s fishing charters provide equipment for trolling, jigging and casting. However, you’ll have to bring your own equipment for spearfishing.

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The Seasons in Niue

So, if fishing is good in Niue year-round, what is the climate like in Niue? Niue has two distinct seasons: winter/dry season and summer/wet season.

The winter season is between May and October, which is also known as the dry season. Temperatures are typically 21-27°C (70-81°F), with the rainfall being 90-160 mm (3.5-6.3 in) per month. The sea temperatures are usually around 25°C (77°F).

The summer season is between November and April, which is also known as the wet season. Temperatures are typically 22-29°C (72-84°F) and Niue experiences more frequent rainfall of 156-300 mm (6.1-11.8 in) per month. The sea temperature is warmer at 28°C (82°F).

In short, either season provides many good fishing days, but perhaps a little less so in summer when sea conditions can be too rough to launch boats from Alofi Wharf. However, with both seasons attracting different fish to Niue’s waters, the only real reason you might want to choose a particular season is to target a particular game fish species.

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Peak Game Fishing Seasons in Niue

While most game species can be caught year-round in Niue, some seasons are better for catching some species than others. The peak fishing season for fishing particular fish species in Niue are as follows:

  • Wahoo – Winter
  • Mahimahi – Only winter
  • Yellowfin Tuna – Summer
  • Skipjack Tuna – Fringes of summer
  • Marlin – Fringes of summer
  • Sailfish – Fringes of summer
  • Dogtooth Tuna – Summer

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The Best Game Fish to Catch Year-Round in Niue

Although many of the game fish species listed above have a peak season for fishing, they can actually be found in Niue’s waters year-round, which is what makes a fishing trip in Niue so exciting as you never know what you’re going to get.

The only species you’re not going to find year-round in Niue is mahimahi. Mahimahi is very seasonal and is only available to catch in Niue’s cooler waters in winter.

While marlin is in Niue’s waters year-round it’s incredibly hard to catch them unless in the peak season (the fringes of summer).

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The Kaloama (Goatfish) Season

While not falling into the game species category, the kaloama season is an exciting time to be in Niue when goatfish spawn in Niue’s waters. Locals hit the shores with their fishing rods picking out the juvenile goatfish one at a time as part of a cultural tradition.

The kaloama season is typically for a couple of weeks in February or March but changes yearly. See What You Need to Know About the Kaloama/Goatfish Season in Niue for more information.

Visitors will find many of Niue’s sea tracks closed during the kaloama season. However, fisherfolk eager on trying some kaloama for themselves should ask the advice of the local fishing charters or make friends with some locals who can take them fishing, as each village has its own reef and fishing grounds (it’s illegal to just cast a line off the rocks without asking permission).

A good place to make friends is down at Sir Robert’s Wharf in Alofi, which is the only place on the island where it is legal for anyone to cast a line from shore. You usually find a group of enthusiastic locals there who might take you kaloama fishing.

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More About the Fishing Season in Niue

Now that you know the best time of year for fishing in Niue, plan the rest of your fishing excursion using the following guides:

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