The Guide to Fishing in Niue©
The Guide to Fishing in Niue

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Niue


Fishing in Niue: When to Go, Where to Go and What to Catch

One of the hidden gems of fishing in the South Pacific, Niue’s waters are uncrowded and unmatched. Only within 100 to 600 metres from shore, you can be trolling, jigging or casting for bluewater pelagics, from zipping wahoo to monstrous marlin. Niue provides exciting game fishing all year round with passionate local fishing guides to show you the ropes. And we’ll show you the ropes of planning your fishing experience, right here, with this complete guide to fishing in Niue.

5 Quick Fishing Tips for Niue

Before we get stuck into our fishing guide to Niue, if there are only a few things to know about fishing in Niue, they would be:

  1. Niue has strict fishing regulations where visitors can only fish from Sir Robert’s Wharf in Alofi, with a licensed fishing charter or where they have gained the appropriate permission
  2. The charter policy in Niue is that the catch stays with the boat. However, some charters will cut a piece of the catch for you to cook up at your accommodation, while others will deliver it to local restaurants for you to try professionally prepared
  3. All of Niue’s fishing charters provide equipment for trolling, jigging and casting. However, you need to bring your own equipment for spearfishing
  4. Niue’s fishing charters are set up for any skill level – You don’t have to be an experienced angler to reel in the big ones in Niue. Likewise, there are also exciting fishing experiences for the fisherman that’s seen it all.
  5. Niue’s fishing charters are very similar in what they offer, but you can learn how to compare them in How to Choose the Best Fishing Tour in Niue.

Now let’s go into detail on all of those points and more!

The Guide to Fishing in Niue©

The Best Places for Fishing in Niue

Fishing is a way of life in Niue. Although there’s excellent fishing to be had in many places around the island, there are strict fishing regulations in place in order to sustain both the local culture and the environment.

Where Can You Fish in Niue?

There are two main places to fish in Niue where you don’t need to seek permission or a license:

Alofi Wharf

Sir Robert’s Wharf, located in Alofi next to Tomb Point and opposite the Commercial Centre car park, is one of the limited places in Niue where you can cast a line from shore without a license. Note that the wharf is closed when the monthly cargo boat is being unloaded, usually toward the end/beginning of the month.

Anywhere with a Fishing Charter

Due to the complexities of cultural fishing protocols in Niue, fishing with a local charter is highly advised. Charters take clients beyond the reef to fishing grounds where they are permitted to fish. They are fully equipped for trolling, jigging and casting, but are usually accommodating for any speciality fishing you may want to do.

Rock and Reef Fishing in Niue

It’s important to bear in mind that, generally, fishing off the rocks or reef in Niue is not permitted without local authorisation. Most marine activities are guided by village customary by-laws and regulations. Be sure to get some local advice and seek the appropriate permission before casting a line.

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Game Fish Species in Niue

Niue’s waters are home to an array of highly-sought tropical pelagic fish species. While some are seasonal, most can be caught all year round. Some of Niue’s game fish species include:

  • Wahoo
  • Mahimahi
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Dogtooth Tuna
  • Skipjack Tuna
  • Pacific Sailfish
  • Striped Marlin
  • Giant Trevally
  • Bluefin Trevally
  • Red Bass
  • Pacific Baracuda
  • Queen Fish
  • Long Toms
  • Pike

The most popular game fish to target in Niue are wahoo, mahimahi, yellowfin tuna and marlin. Learn more about these fish in What Types of Fish Can You Fish for in Niue?

The Guide to Fishing in Niue©

The Fishing Seasons in Niue

With warm air and sea temperatures and game fish species to catch year-round, there’s never really a bad time to fish in Niue.

Niue experiences two distinct seasons: the winter season (dry season) and the summer season (wet season). Winter is cooler and drier, while summer is hot and humid. Sea conditions in summer can get rougher more frequently than in winter, which incidentally means that there are fewer fishing days per month in summer.

However, if you are targeting a specific game fish species, then the season does matter. Here is a quick list of Niue’s common game fish species and the best seasons to fish them:

  • Wahoo – Winter
  • Mahimahi – Only winter
  • Yellowfin Tuna – Summer
  • Skipjack Tuna – Fringes of summer
  • Marlin – Fringes of summer
  • Sailfish – Fringes of summer
  • Dogtooth Tuna – Summer

For more information, see The Best Time for Fishing in Niue.

The Guide to Fishing in Niue©

Fishing Charters in Niue

Not only to keep in line with Niue’s strict fishing regulations, but fishing with a fishing charter in Niue means that you’re with an experienced guide who knows the local fishing landscape well (not to mention, has top-of-the-line gear, bait and lures) to ensure the best fishing experience possible.

Niue’s fishing charters include all of the high-quality fishing equipment you need aboard fishing vessels that tend to be 5.5-7.2 m (18-24 ft) with outward motors for a smooth ride. Refreshments are usually included. Trips can last anywhere between 2 hrs 30 mins to 5 hours.

The policy in Niue is that the catch stays with the boat, but most charters will cut you a piece of fish if requested. Otherwise, fish is usually delivered to a local restaurant where you can try your catch professionally prepared the very same evening.

Learn more about each charter in the 10 Best Fishing Charters in Niue. We also have a further comparison guide in How to Choose the Best Fishing Tour in Niue.

The Guide to Fishing in Niue©

Fishing Techniques and Specialities

The standard fishing technique for fishing charters in Niue is trolling. However, most fishing charters are also set up for jigging and hand casting, whatever the conditions and fish you are targeting call for. Other speciality fishing includes spearfishing, while some boats are also licensed to take you whale watching.


Fish Niue Charters, Niue Fishing Charters and Paul Pasisi Charters offer spearfishing charters to Niue’s bluewater drifts, drop-offs and offshore FADs. While most charters require you to bring your own gear and gun, Niue Fishing Charters can organise rentals on request.

Note that spearfishing is not permitted without a local guide and is banned in some areas. Find out more in The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in Niue.

Whale Watching

While not directly associated with fishing, whale watching is available with some of Niue’s fishing charters. In Niue, boats need to have a license in order to interact with humpback whales that migrate to Niue’s water between July and September.

Charters with a license, including Fish Niue Charters, can all approach whales if seen and even have passengers swimming with whales providing they stick to regulations. Learn more about whale watching in The Guide to Swimming with Whales in Niue.

The Guide to Fishing in Niue©

Niue Fishing Rules and Regulations

Go on a fishing charter beyond the reefs and your chosen operator will keep you right when it comes to fishing restrictions. Otherwise, Niue is no different from many countries in the South Pacific when it comes to fishing regulations. They exist in order to sustain fish stocks and keep in line with cultural protocol, which can be different from village to village.

The fishing rules and regulations in Niue are as follows:

  • No spearfishing without a local guide
  • No spearfishing in traditional fishing areas (avanuis or avi ulihegas)
  • No spearfishing on inshore FADs
  • No fishing on Sunday
  • No reef foraging without permission from a local authority
  • Taking baby or female crayfish is forbidden
  • No touching vaka (canoes) without permission from the owner
  • No whale interactions (swimming with, swimming towards, etc.) unless you are with an operator licensed to swim with whales.

More cultural customs can be seen in Niuean Etiquette: Niue Customs & Traditions.

Niue Fishing Quotas

In accordance with Niue Domestic Fishing Regulations (1996), it is illegal to interfere, take or kill any fish species that are deemed undersized. The fishing quotas in Niue include:

  • Uga with a thoracic length of 36 mm
  • Crayfish with a tail length of less than 130 mm
  • Clams under 180 mm in length
  • Tapatapa under 80 mm in lenth

No person in a vessel may take the following:

  • 10 clams per person per day
  • 10 crayfish per person per day.

For protected fish species in Niue, check out The Types of Fish in Niue.

More About Fishing in Niue

That’s it for our complete guide to fishing in Niue, but it’s by no means the end of our advice! Take a look at the following for more ways to make the most of fishing in Niue:

Finally, discover more exciting experiences in the 101 Things to Do in Niue: The Ultimate List or get more travel advice in The Complete Travel Guide to Niue.


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