How to Choose the Best Fishing Tour in Niue
How to Choose the Best Fishing Tour in Niue

How to Choose the Best Fishing Tour in Niue


What to Look for When Choosing a Niue Fishing Charter

With Niue being such a small island with a population of only around 1,600 people, you often don’t get a “choice” when it comes to any type of tour in Niue. But that’s certainly not the case when it comes to fishing with this island nation that has been living off the waters for centuries. What is a way of life is also an exciting sport that locals and passionate expats are eager to show visitors to the island. But since Niue has around 10 fishing charters to choose from, how do choose the best fishing tour in Niue? We go over a few ideas in this guide.

What Fish Can You Catch in Niue and When?

  • Wahoo – Best in winter but can be caught year-round
  • Mahimahi – Only available in winter
  • Yellowfin tuna – Best in summer but can be caught year-round
  • Marlin – Best on the fringes of summer but available year-round
  • Sailfish – Best on the fringes of summer but available year-round
  • Dogtooth tuna – Best in summer but can be caught year-round

Learn more about when to catch certain species in What is the Best Time of Year for Fishing in Niue?

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Length of Trip

Luckily in Niue, you don’t need to compare the time actually spent on the water fishing, as lines are commonly cast soon after launching. Niue’s blue water is only about 100m offshore. However, comparing the length of the trip itself may be important, as keen anglers may want to spend as long as they can on the water, while families or more casual fishermen and women might want to experience something more relaxing for a couple of hours. In Niue, you typically have a choice of 5-hour, 4-hour or 2h30min charters.

How Long is Each Charter?

  • 5 hours: Fish Niue Charters, Gone Fishing Niue Charters, Niue Fishing Charters, Niue Wahoo Fishing Charters and Paul Pasisi Charters
  • 4 hours: Vaimono Charters and Niue Fishing Charters
  • 2h30mins: Niue Wahoo Fishing Charters.
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Speciality Fishing

All of Niue’s fishing charters come equipped with rods, reels, baits and lures to suit most techniques of fishing, including trolling, jigging and casting. However, only some fishing charters offer spearfishing.

Spearfishing charters in Niue take you to drop-offs, bluewater currents and FADs to spear game species. Note with spearfishing that you almost always need to bring your own equipment, excluding weights, although Niue Fishing Charters can arrange a gun, weight belt and weights on request.

Fishing charters that offer spearfishing include Fish Niue Charters, Niue Fishing Charters and Paul Pasisi Charters. Compare these operators in The Best Spearfishing Charters in Niue.

Learn more about spearfishing in The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in Niue.

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Size of the Boat

While you hardly need to compare equipment used by the fishing charters in Niue, as Niue’s passionate fishing guides wouldn’t be caught dead with bad equipment, you will need to compare the size of the boat. The main reason is to make sure the boat is suitable for your group size. Most fishing charter boats in Niue are alloy Stabicrafts or something similar measuring 5m to 7m long. Here are the fishing charters, size of the boat and how many anglers they carry:

  • Fish Niue Charters: 6.3m, 4 passengers and 8m, 6 passengers
  • Gone Fishing Niue Charters: 3 passengers
  • Kiu Tahi Charters: 5.7m, 4 passengers
  • Niue Fishing Charters: 7.3m, 4 passengers
  • Niue Wahoo Fishing Charters: 4 passengers
  • Paul Pasisi Charters: 4 passengers
  • Sea Turtle Charters: 5.5m, 2 passengers
  • Teresa’s Charters: 6m, 3 passengers
  • Vaimono Charters: 5m, 3 passengers

Compare all of the charters further in the 10 Best Fishing Charters in Niue.

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Whale Interactions

Some of Niue’s fishing charters are licensed to approach and interact with Humpback Whales during the whale season. Otherwise, fishing charters have to keep their distance from whales in accordance with local laws. If you want to opportunity to watch whales or even swim with whales, then you need to be with a licensed operator.

Niue’s fishing charters that are licensed to interact with whales include:

  • Fish Niue Charters
  • Niue Fishing Charters
  • Paul Pasisi Charters

Learn more about what tours with these charters and more in the 5 Best Whale Tours in Niue.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Tour in Niue(c) Niue Tourism

Price and Inclusions

Finally, the price of a fishing charter and its inclusions can also be a good comparison to compare the value of a fishing charter. All of Niue’s fishing charters come with all the equipment you’ll need for fishing as a standard. However, other fishing charters might include other comforts like drinks and refreshments. It’s always worth asking what is included.

As for price, Niue’s fishing charters prices are ever-changing so it would be pointless to list all of the prices here. As a rough figure, Niue fishing charters are typically NZ$400-$500 for a 4-5 hour tour for two people on a private charter. Get in touch with your chosen fishing operators for the latest pricing.


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