What are the Seasons in Niue?
What are the Seasons in Niue?

What are the Seasons in Niue?

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What You Need to Know About the Niue Seasons

Niue takes a simple approach to the seasons, it’s either the dry season or the wet season. “Winter” in Niue is the dry season when the weather is cooler and the showers less frequent. But don’t be fooled, the temperatures are still nice and warm. “Summer” in Niue is the wet season. Expect a hot and humid climate with frequent short showers. It is still a great time to visit Niue as the water temperatures are high and accommodation and flight prices are as low as it gets. In this guide of what are the seasons in Niue, we go over each season in detail so you know when to visit Niue.

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The Best Seasons to Swim with Whales, Scuba and Fish

Niue is best known for a handful of activities that it does extremely well. For world-class whale swimming, the best season is usually the dry season especially between July to September. Scuba diving is exquisite in Niue all year round with some of the clearest waters in the world thanks to its lack of natural runoffs. You may appreciate the cooler waters found in Niue in the dry season. Finally, fishing! Let’s be honest fishing is amazing all year round in Niue and every local has a different opinion on the best time to fish in Niue.

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Dry Season (Winter)

When: May to October
Temperature: 21-27°C (70-81°F)
Rainfall: 90-160mm (3.5-6.3″)

Winter in Niue is known as the dry season simply because it experiences significantly less rainfall than the wet season. During this time of the year, the weather is cooler although the temperatures are still tropical and the tourist season is at its peak. Although the amount of rainfall is lower than in the wet season, a quick shower can (and will) still happen during your trip. It only makes your holiday ever more “tropical”. It is worth noting that this is also the season with the least mosquitos.

Months in the Dry Season

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Wet Season (Summer)

When: November to April
Temperature: 22-29°C (72-84°F)
Rainfall: 156-300mm (6.1-11.8″)

The wet season is also known as summer in Niue. This comes from the fact that temperatures are usually higher than during the dry season. The extremely hot climate and high amounts of rainfall make it a less popular season to travel to Niue. However, thanks to its geography, Niue does not often get long periods of rain. The clouds often pass in minutes across the tiny flat island. Savvy travellers looking to escape the crowds and to bag a bargain prefer this season.

Months in the Wet Season

For detailed information on each month of the wet season, see:

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Peak, Shoulder and Off-peak Season

When looking at the seasons in  Niue, some may only be looking at the tourist seasons instead of the weather. When can you get a bargain? When will you get the whole island to yourself? Luckily, Niue is still relatively unknown and does not get a massive influx of tourists. However, there are still significant differences between months.

Peak Season in Niue

The absolute peak of the tourist season in Niue lands during the month of July and August. It coincides with the winter school holidays in New Zealand. At this time of the year, New Zealanders are keen to escape the cold and rainy winter and enjoy the “Rock of the Pacific”. As expected, Christmastime is also a significantly busier time of the year with many locals making their way home for the holidays.

Off-peak Season in Niue

December (aside from the Christmas period), January and March are the slower months in Niue. There are fewer tourists around and this is the best time of the year to hunt for big discounts on both flights and accommodation. At this time of the year, you are likely to get some of the hidden gems of Niue all to yourself for hours at a time.

Shoulder Seasons in Niue

The so-called “shoulder seasons” in Niue are the months that are neither in the peak or off-peak season. Those months are often targeted by travellers that have plenty of flexibility when it comes to travel dates as they often offer the best of both worlds: better weather than in the off-peak season and fewer tourists than in the peak season. This is the time of the year that we spend the most time on the road in the South Pacific. Aim for September to November and April to June if you are after the “happy medium” and want to travel to Niue during the shoulder season.


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