How to Book a Cheap Flight to Niue
How to Book a Cheap Flight to Niue

How to Book a Cheap Flight to Niue


How to Get the Best Price on Flights to Niue

For many of us, expensive airfares are what stand between us and the island getaway of our dreams. Let’s be honest, you’d rather save that extra money for a scuba dive or at least an extra cocktail than giving it to the airline. With that in mind, we’ll show you how to shave the cents off airfares and teach you how to book a cheap flight to Niue!

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Quick Tips for Saving Money on a Flight to Niue

  • Use private browsing to stop flight websites using cookies to increase the prices as you browse
  • If flying to Niue from outside of New Zealand, consider using two different airlines to see if cheaper prices are available (you don’t have to fly with Air New Zealand the whole way)
  • Again, if flying from outside of New Zealand, find and compare flight routes to Niue through comparison websites
  • You can often find cheaper airfares when booking flights separately
  • Be aware of extra fees while you are booking, such as seat selection and meals.

For more details on each point, as well as much more tips, see 10 Tips for Saving Money on a Flight to Niue.

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The Cheapest Time of the Year to Fly to Niue

The best months for cheap Niue airfares: February-April

With only Air New Zealand offering direct flights to Niue, choosing the best time to book a cheaper flight to Niue is when there is a lower demand for flights. This typically occurs in the Pacific Islands’ low season but not including the Christmas and New Year’s period. In order to entice more travellers to the South Pacific Islands, therefore fill up more spaces on the plane, Air New Zealand often does “Island Sales” between February and April.

Travel agents are also able to offer cheaper flights during the period between February and April. However, this usually tends to be only a few dollars cheaper than the standard price.

Flight sales are not the only reason you might want to hold off your trip to Niue for the low season. Many accommodations also offer cheaper deals during this time. Find out more in the 10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Niue.

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The Cheapest Day to Fly to Niue

[Update: As of 2022, flights to Niue operate just once a week. Therefore, the only day available to fly is currently the cheapest day of the week to fly (duh!) Find out more about the flight schedules to Niue in our guide, Which Airlines Fly to Niue?]

The best day to fly to Niue for cheap airfares: Tuesday
The best day to fly out of Niue for cheap airfares: Monday

Want to save about NZ$20 on your return flight to Niue? Fly to Niue on a Tuesday flight from Auckland and return from Niue on a Monday flight.

Flights to and from Niue only operate on a Monday (Niue time)/Tuesday (NZ time) and on a Friday (Niue time)/Saturday (NZ time)*. There is a price difference between the Monday/Tuesday flights and the Friday/Saturday flights, saving you about NZ$10 on each flight if you choose the Monday/Tuesday flights.

The facts behind the best days to book a flight to Niue: According to a study of flight prices using flight metadata for a 5-year period, flights that depart on a Monday/Tuesday are the cheapest. It is on average 12% cheaper to book international flights to Niue on a Monday than over a weekend flight for instance.

*Note that Niue and New Zealand have a full 24-hour time difference.

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The Cheapest Places to Book Flights to Niue

The best websites for cheap airfares in Niue: Air New Zealand’s websites

Now that you know what time of year to search for cheap flights to Niue and what day of the week, now you can start finding the cheapest deals with Air New Zealand or comparing the cheapest flights on flight comparison websites if you are coming from elsewhere than New Zealand.

Finding the Cheapest Direct Flights to Niue

For the direct Auckland – Niue return flights, it’s worth looking for the latest flight deals on Air New Zealand’s various websites, such as and If you have no luck there, then head to the website for their standard airfares and the occasional deal.

Finding the Cheapest Flights with Stopovers to Niue

Flight comparison websites are a good place to start when searching for cheap flights to Niue if you’re coming from somewhere other than New Zealand. They give you an idea of the possible routes to take from your departure airport, as well as prices.

Once you have found the desired route with the cheapest airlines used, we recommend going directly to the airline to see if they can beat the price of the comparison website. You’ll usually find that they are happy to beat or match the price in order to save on commission they would have to pay to the flight comparison website.

Top Tip: Use Private Browsing

Both airline websites and flight comparison websites use cookies to have your browsing information and, in turn, increase airfares the more you search to encourage a “panic purchase”. To avoid rising airfares when you search, set your browser to private browsing.

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The Cheapest Fare Type

The final place where you can save money on airfares is by choosing the cheapest fare type possible. Air New Zealand flights to Niue have four fare types: Seat, Seat + Bag, The Works and The Works Deluxe.

What Do the Air New Zealand Fare Types Include?

The fares types below are listed from cheapest to the most expensive. In short, the Air New Zealand fare types include:

  • Seat: Your seat and up to 7kg (15lbs) carry-on baggage including a personal item (e.g. handbag, small laptop bag, camera bag, etc.)
  • Seat + Bag: Your seat, carry-on baggage (as above) and one piece of checked baggage up to 23kg (50lbs)
  • The Works: Seat, carry-on and one piece of checked baggage (as above), all-access to the inflight entertainment and a meal
  • The Works Deluxe: Your choice of a seat with no neighbours, two pieces of checked luggage, all-access to the inflight entertainment and a meal.

Note that all fare types have access to the inflight entertainment systems, just the Seat and Seat + Bag options will have fewer movies to choose from.

How to Save Money Using Your Fare Type

First of all, considering The Works fare types are approximately NZ$100 more for a few more movies to watch and an airline meal, upgrading to these fare types provides little value for money. Remember, the flight is only 3h30mins long. We recommend bringing your own entertainment, in case the movie choice isn’t to your liking, as well as either eating before the flight or picking up a few snacks at the airport once you’ve gone through airport security.

Second, if you’re travelling as a group or a couple, share checked-in baggage so you can purchase fewer Seat + Bag fares, while the other people in the group can travel on a Seat fare. Remember, the Seat fare still includes carry-on baggage of up to 7kg (15lbs).

Learn more about the Air New Zealand fares in Which Airlines Fly to Niue?


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