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Unmissable Walking Tracks in Niue Around Niue’s coastal road, you’ll see signs every 10 to 20 minutes stating “Hala Tahi” this and “Hala Tahi” that! These are your access points to Niue’
Where to Walk in Alofi Feel like stretching your legs? If you have already wandered through Niue’s capital to check out the shops and cafes, where to next? Alofi has several sea tracks well worth ex
Which Church to Go to in Niue? Whether you’re religious or not, a fantastic insight into the Niuean culture is to experience a local church service. But which church should you go to? We go through
Walks on the West Side of Niue Niue’s coast hides many a nook and cranny in its dramatic coastline. Most of the island’s top coastal attractions, such as caves, chasms and swimming pools, can be f
Sea Tracks and Short Walks in Alofi Niue is a raised coral atoll full of sorts of nooks and crannies. Find secluded bays, rocky lookouts and beaches, even in the capital of Niue, Alofi. Sea tracks are
Where to Get Cheap Food in Niue Admittedly, Niue is not a country where you’ll find your ultra-cheap street eats. Niue is a remote country where many food items have to be imported. Nevertheless, th
Whale Watching Lookouts in Niue Where are the best places in Niue to spot whales from shore? Between July and September each year, whales are frequently seen off the coast of the island when they come
Long Walks in Niue Niue is famous for its sea tracks, but the two to five-minute walks that most sea tracks are might not satisfy your inner-hiker. Because, yes, as much as people like to think Niue i
Where to See Dolphins from Shore in Niue Where can you watch dolphins in Niue without having to get on a boat? Niue’s coastline with 30m (100ft) cliffs naturally provides incredible lookouts for wat
What You Need to Know About Walking in Niue Niue is the island for an active adventure. It’s an island you can only make the most of by stretching your legs and exploring its sea tracks. Whether you
Places to Snorkel from Niue’s Shore The beauty of Niue is that its snorkelling reefs are right on its doorstep. The west coast of the island has many sea tracks that lead down to mesmerising snorkel
Advice for Walks in Niue Niue is an active holiday destination where you can only see its stunning coastal sights by hitting the walking tracks. The walking trails around the island are known as “se
Niue’s Best Beaches On “The Rock of the Pacific” you might be surprised to learn that Niue actually does have some beaches. Ok, so they might not be your soft golden sand beaches of the other So
Low Tide in Niue The tide matters in Niue. This rocky uplifted coral atoll has some amazing reefs, beaches and swimming holes to discover, but you’ll find that many of them are best accessed at a pa
Amazing Natural Places to Swim in Niue Nature is your playground on this large raised coral atoll in the South Pacific Ocean and with that, there are some incredibly beautiful swimming holes to discov