The Guide to Walks in Niue(c)
The Guide to Walks in Niue

The Guide to Walks in Niue + 35 Walks to Try!


What You Need to Know About Walking in Niue

Niue is the island for an active adventure. It’s an island you can only make the most of by stretching your legs and exploring its sea tracks. Whether you’re looking for a short scenic stroll with a special surprise at the end or a multi-hour hike through the bush, Niue has bush roads, bike trails and sea tracks waiting to be explored. Get an overview of the walks, as well as a few tips for hitting the trails, in this guide to the walks in Niue.

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5 Quick Tips for Walking in Niue

Before we get into the different walking trails in Niue, here are a few tips to get you off on the right “foot” when it comes to walks in Niue:

  1. Essentials to take on a walk in Niue include water, sunscreen and closed footwear (preferably sneakers or walking shoes)
  2. Recommended items to take on a walk in Niue are snorkelling gear, reef shoes and a camera/phone
  3. Sea tracks are signposted from the road on blue signs saying “Hala Tahi [sea track name]”
  4. If you plan to swim or reef walk from a sea track, be aware of the appropriate tide to do so – see What You Need to Know About Tide Times in Niue for more information
  5. Niue’s sea tracks are 30 seconds to 45 minutes one-way. If you’re looking for longer hikes in Niue, consider one of the bike trails which range from two hours to four hours to walk instead (details below).

For elaboration on each tip and for more advice, see the 10 Tips for Walking & Hiking in Niue.

The Guide to Walks in Niue(c)

Sea Tracks on the West Coast

Niue’s most iconic attractions are dotted on the west coast of the island. The one way to access its many chasms, pools, caves and beaches is down the various sea tracks.

Sea tracks on the west coast range from 30 seconds to 30 minutes one way. While some tracks are well-formed and maintained, others have rough rocky terrain and/or slippery surfaces, so good mobility and care are needed when tackling Niue’s sea tracks.

West Coast Sea Tracks

The sea tracks on the west coast of Niue are listed below. Note that walking times are one way.

  1. Talava Arches Sea Track, Hikutavake, 30 minutes
  2. Matapa Chasm, Hikutavake, 7 minutes
  3. Hikutavake Sea Track, Hikutavake, 30 seconds
  4. Limu Pools Sea Track, Namukulu, 5 minutes
  5. Namukulu Sea Track, Namukulu, 2 minutes
  6. Hio Beach Sea Track, Tuapa, 5 minutes
  7. Palaha Cave Sea Track, Makefu, 5 minutes
  8. Avaiki Cave Sea Track, Makefu, 5 minutes
  9. Makefu Sea Track, Makefu, 2 minutes
  10. Togulu Sea Track, Tamakautoga, 30 seconds
  11. Togulu Sea Track (Other Track), Tamakautoga, 2 minutes
  12. Matavai Sea Track, Tamakautoga, 2 minutes
  13. Pofitu Sea Track, Avatele, 5 minutes
  14. Avatele Sea Track, Avatele, 30 seconds

Learn more about some of our top picks in the 10 Best Sea Tracks on the West Coast of Niue. If you’re looking for sea tracks and swimming spots suitable for children, see the 8 Best Sea Tracks & Places to Swim in Niue for Kids.

Alofi Sea Tracks

Alofi, Niue’s main town and capital, has its own varied selection of sea tracks scattered across the coast, including:

  1. Vaila Sea Track, Alofi North, 2 minutes
  2. Togalupo Sea Track, Alofi North, 5 minutes
  3. Omahi Sea Track, Alofi North, 5 minutes
  4. Houme Sea Track, Alofi North, 2 minutes
  5. Utuko Reef Sea Track, Alofi Town, 2 minutes
  6. Togalahi Sea Track, Alofi Town, 2 minutes
  7. Kalaone Sea Track, Alofi Town, 30 seconds
  8. Opaahi Sea Track, Alofi Town, 5 minutes
  9. Amanau Sea Track, Alofi South, 5 minutes

Learn more about each sea track in the 9 Best Sea Tracks in Alofi.

The Guide to Walks in Niue(c)

Sea Tracks on the East Coast

Niue’s more rugged side might have fewer sea tracks but they present a whole new perspective of the island with secluded chasms, protected forest, sweeping reefs and more.

Many of the sea tracks on this side of the island are a little less maintained, some of which have unsealed roads to access them. If you’re unsure about a road (especially in wet conditions), then we suggest walking the access road instead. In most instances, this only adds a 20-minute one-way walk to your walk.

East Coast Sea Tracks

The sea tracks on the east coast of Niue are listed below. Note that walking times are one way only and from the start of the sea track, not the access road.

  1. Uluvehi Sea Track, Mutalau, 2 minutes
  2. Puluhiki Sea Track, Lakepa, 5 minutes
  3. Motu Sea Track, Lakepa, 20 minutes
  4. Tautu Sea Track, Liku, 5 minutes
  5. Togo Chasm Sea Track, Huvalu Forest, 45 minutes
  6. Anapala Chasm Sea Track, Hakupu, 15 minutes
  7. Tuhia Sea Track, Hakupu, 30 seconds.

Learn more about these sea tracks in the 8 Best Sea Tracks on the East Coast of Niue.

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Bike/Hiking Trails in Niue

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a day out hiking in Niue, then your best option is the take on the bike trails. The five bike trails in Niue are also open to walkers, taking you on a mix of Niue’s quiet coastal roads and 4WD bush roads.

The scenery along the way includes plantations, rainforests and quiet villages. For sections of the bike trails that take you on the main road of the island (i.e. the coastal road), you’ll be able to take a detour down the sea tracks the road passes by.

Pick up a bike trail map from the Visitor Information Centre in Niue, which labels the bike trails from one to five. Bike trails are also typically named after the main bush trails they feature. Learn more about the bike trails in The 5 Best Bike Trails in Niue.

Bike Trails/Hiking Trails in Niue

The bike/hiking trails in Niue are all loop trails, meaning that you end where you began. The terrain of Niue is mostly flat, with elevation taking you up no higher than 69 m (226 ft). The below list of bike trails includes the time to complete the entire trail on foot.

  1. Bike Trail 1 (Fuata Road Bike Trail), Avatele, 2 hrs 30 mins
  2. Bike Trail 2 (Keleola Bush Road Bike Trail), Alofi, 4 hrs 30 mins (shorter variations of this walk are available)
  3. Bike Trail 3 (Makefu Bush Road Bike Trail), Makefu, 1 hr 30 mins
  4. Bike Trail 4 (Falepipi Bush Road Bike Trail), Tuapa, 4 hours
  5. Bike Trail 5 (Vinivini Bush Road Bike Trail), Huvalu Forest, 3 hours.

To see descriptions of our recommended variations of these walks, see the 10 Best Hikes in Niue.

More Hikes, Bike Trails and Walks in Niue

That’s it for our list of the best walks in Niue. Although we’ve pointed you to a lot of links to track descriptions throughout the guide above, here are a few more just in case:

Finally, check out the 101 Things to Do in Niue: The Ultimate List so you don’t miss a thing from your bucket list.


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