8 Best Walks in Alofi
8 Best Walks in Alofi

8 Best Walks in Alofi

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Where to Walk in Alofi

Feel like stretching your legs? If you have already wandered through Niue’s capital to check out the shops and cafes, where to next? Alofi has several sea tracks well worth exploring, which will take you longer to walk between than to walk the sea track itself with no sea track taking more than five minutes. However, we also recommend part of one of the bike trails for a fuller walking experience. Check out our suggestions in this list of the best walks in Alofi.

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1. Vaila Cave Sea Track

Admittedly, one of the shortest walks on the list but with the northernmost starting point, the Vaila Cave Sea Track is a two-minute one-way sea track down to a cave cut into the cliff. There is an interpretation sign telling of the historical significance of the cave, while the reef leading out from the cave is fun to explore at low tide to see the marine life protected in the marine reserve of the area. The walk is more of a photo opportunity than a place to stretch your legs, but it’s worth a visit all the same.

Location: Opposite Tusekolo Bush Road, 2km (1.2 miles) north of Alofi town centre.

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2. Opaahi Sea Track

A five-minute sea track takes you down to a historical site, the landing place of Captain James Cook. Read the interesting tale behind the landing on the interpretation sign here (or in the 10 Fascinating Historical Sites in Niue). Down the sea track are a few vaka (canoes) to admire, as well as a rocky coastline with excellent coastal views. Swimming is possible here but only by strong ocean swimmers.

Location: Opposite Kaiika Restaurant and the Latter-Day Saints Church, south Alofi.

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3. Alofi Bike Trail

If you’re looking for a longer walk in Alofi, then your best option is to, in fact, follow the bike trail from Alofi. Maps can be picked up at the Visitor Information Centre, which will show you the roads to take, most of which are bush roads alongside forest and plantations for a real tropical experience.

One route we recommend is starting from the Alofi-Liku Road (beside the Police Station), walk east past the high school and onward to Keleola Bush Road. Here, you’ll get to experience one of Niue’s bush roads mainly reserved for bikers and hikers. The road leads onto the Makefu Bush Road, eventually taking you to Makefu where you’ll be able to check out coastal attractions like the Avaiki Cave. You’ll be on the main coastal road of Niue now, where you just need to walk south to get back to where you started in Alofi. Check out Peniamina’s Grave, the Vaila Cave and Togalupo Sea Track along the way. The entire loop takes three to four hours.

You can reduce the walk by 30 minutes by taking Namoui Bush Road instead of continuing on Makefu Bush Road in order to get onto the main coastal road back to Alofi.

See more bike trails around the island in The Best Bike Trails in Niue.

Location: Start on Alofi-Liku Road (opposite the Crazy Uga Cafe).

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4. Amanau Sea Track

Back to the short walks, the Amanau Sea Track is located in Alofi South opposite the fish factory. The two-minute sea track takes you down a ladder to a reef below with a cave cut into the cliff with a pool ideal for snorkelling in. The pool is best accessed for swimming at low to mid-tide, where you’ll possibly see lots of blue fish in the pool. Learn more about the tide in Niue in What You Need to Know About the Tide Times in Niue.

Location: South Alofi, just before the Pacific Way Bar before entering Alofi town.

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5. Togalahi Sea Track

A short sea track accessible from Alofi town centre, the Togalahi Sea Track takes you to a small rocky and sandy cove with an attractive reef to explore at low tide. Make sure to take your reef shoes!

Location: Just north past the Parliament buildings, opposite the commercial centre in Alofi.

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6. Omahi Sea Track

One that’s easy to miss in Alofi North, the Omahi Sea Track is yet another sea track in Niue that won’t take too much time out of your day for walking (we’re talking only two to five minutes). The rocky trail takes you down to an opening on the coast with sweeping views across the coast – a great place to watch the sunset.

Location: Alofi North, signposted on the coastal side of the road near Niue Rentals.

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7. Utuko Reef Sea Track

Easy to find in the town centre, the Utuko Reef Sea Track is a well-maintained sea track taking you about a minute to reach the small sandy cove. The reef is popular for reef walks at low to mid incoming tide, but be sure to check out what the swell is doing before you head out. There is a pool that’s good for snorkelling toward the left of the cove. Check out other great places to reef walk in Niue here.

Location: Opposite the Nuie Information Centre and the Police Station.

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8. Togalupo Sea Track

Last but certainly not least, the Togalupo Sea Track is a pleasant short walk through the bush to what we like to think of as Niue’s smallest beach! Check out the tiny cove for a fun photo opportunity.

Location: Opposite Yolos Accommodation, approximately 1.5km (one mile) north of Alofi town centre.

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More About Walks in Alofi

That’s it for our list of amazing walks in Alofi. For more walks around the island, check these out:

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