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Declarable Goods for Arriving in Niue Niue has a fragile ecosystem that the Niuean Government wants to protect. Niue operates a strict quarantine procedure for people travelling to Niue from overseas
How Much of Duty-Free Goods Can You Bring into Niue? That’s a pretty common traveller’s dilemma: How much can I splurge at the duty-free shop?! At Auckland Airport, which is the only airport opera
What Does the Passenger Arrival Card for Niue Look Like? Don’t worry about getting too bored on a flight or a cruise to Niue. Part of the in-flight entertainment is completing the Niue Passenger Arr
What to Do When Passing Through Customs and Biosecurity in Niue Niue is an island that takes the health of its land, water and people (and its taxes) seriously. For this reason, there is a strict Cust
What to Expect When Arriving at Hanan International Airport After a flight to Niue, the airport arrival process is the only thing standing between you and your island paradise! It’s an aspect of the
Guide to Passing Through Immigration, Customs and Quarantine in Niue What’s the process when you arrive in Niue? What do you need to do at the airport and what, essentially, is standing between you
What Airport Transport is Available in Niue? A necessary arrangement to make for any getaway is your airport transfer. How are you going to get between your accommodation and the airport? Luckily, in
Guide to Hanan Airport, Niue Niue’s one and only airport goes by many names: Niue International Airport, Alofi International Airport and Hanan International Airport. Either way, it’s the same plac