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The Guide to Planning Your Wedding in Niue Niue evokes an image of a South Pacific wedding like no other. Imagine saying your “I dos” on a coastal cliff of the world’s largest raised coral atoll
Everything you Need to Know About the Niue Time Zone When in Niue, who cares what time it is?! Time is seemingly at a standstill on this tiny raised coral atoll in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. But
Niue Pronunciation How do you say that name of a country with all those vowels that are together? How do you say Niue? If you’re looking for the pronunciation of Niue, then this quick guide to how t
How to Stay Connected in Niue Despite claims in the media that Niue is a “WiFi Nation” and the “first country to offer free WiFi nationwide”, just take this with a pinch of salt. Niue is certa
Handy Travel Gadgets for Niue Alright, let’s be honest, travel gadgets are never really an “essential” item to pack. They usually just make our life on the road a tad bit easier. That’s what t
Must-have Kids Gadgets for Niue Any help we can get on making a family holiday that’s fun, safe and easy is welcome as parents travelling with young children. From snorkelling masks to optimise your
When Should You Visit Niue? With gloriously warm weather all year round, idyllic snorkelling and scuba diving whatever the season and more, Niue is easily a year-round destination. But when should you
Why Visit Niue? Niue is barely on the radar of most people – a tiny dot in the South Pacific Ocean. Apparently, you can go there, but why would you? Why should you visit Niue? Niue, pronounced “Ny