How is Niue Pronounced?(c)
How is Niue Pronounced?

How is “Niue” Pronounced?


Niue Pronunciation

How do you say the name of that country with all those vowels together? How do you say Niue?

If you’re looking for the pronunciation of Niue, then this quick guide to how to pronounce Niue should help! And don’t worry, if you can pronounce Niue properly, you can always call it “The Rock”.

Niue = “Nyoo-Ay”

In short, Niue is pronounced “Nyoo-Ay”. You’re welcome.

How is Niue Pronounced?(c) M. Crawford - Niue Tourism

How to Pronounce Niuean Vowels

As you travel around the island of Niue, you will come across many place names that you’re going to want to be able to pronounce properly. Most Niuean words are easy to pronounce as long as you know how to pronounce vowels in Niuean.

Niuean Vowel Pronunciation

  • A: Pronounce it as the a in “car”
  • E: Pronounce it as the e in “leg”
  • I: Pronounce it as the ee in “sheet”
  • O: Pronounce it as the o in “short”
  • U: Pronounce it as the oo in “pool”

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The Niuean Language

The language of Niue is Vagahau Niue, otherwise known as Niuean. More people speak Niuean outside of Niue than in Niue, yet Niuean is still classified as a “definitely endangered language” according to UNESCO. The north of the island has a slightly different dialect than what is spoken in the south. This dialect in the north is called Motu, while the southern dialect is called Tafiti.

Common Words in Niuean

Interesting in learning some other words in Niuean? How about…

Hello: Fakalofa Atu
Please: Fakamolemole
Thank you (very much): Fakaaue (Lahi)
Yes: E
No: Nakai
Sorry: Tulou
Eat or Food: Kai

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How is Niue Pronounced?(c)

Other Names Given to Niue

Niue has wracked up quite a lot of names for itself over the centuries. The name the country goes by today, “Niue” is said to mean “behold the coconut”.

After British explorer, James Cook attempted to land on the island in 1774 only to be chased off by locals who challenged with a war dance, he named the island “Savage Island”. Learn more about the history of the island in A Brief History of Niue.

Nowadays, Niue has been affectionately nicknamed “The Rock of the Pacific” or “The Rock”, for short. This is due to its rocky limestone landscape, unlike any other island in the South Pacific.

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More About How to Pronounce “Niue”

That’s it for our quick guide on how to pronounce “Niue”. For more facts about Niue, take a look at these:

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