Fun Facts About Niue for Kids(c)
Fun Facts About Niue for Kids

20 Fun Facts About Niue for Kids


Learn Some Trivia About Niue!

We all want our kids to get as much out of travelling to a new country as possible. A good way to do this is to teach them a few things about the country you’re visiting. If that country is Niue, then this is the list of facts for you! While you might want to point your kids to Niue on the map and show them where you’re staying, this list just gives a few interesting, serious and not-so-serious facts about Niue for kids.

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5 Things to Do in Niue with Kids

Before we dive into the fun facts, here are a few activities in Niue you might want to consider doing as a family:

  1. Have a swim and snorkel at the Limu Pools
  2. Watch the whales and dolphins from the lookouts
  3. Explore amazing limestone caves at the Talava Arches
  4. Meet an uga (coconut crab)
  5. Try your luck on the family-friendly Wahoo Fishing Charters.

Find out more about these activities and more in the 10 Things To Do in Niue with Kids.

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Fun Facts About the Island

Learn something new, interesting and perhaps a little random in this list of fun facts about the island of Niue!

Fun Facts About Niue

  1. Niue is the world’s largest raised coral atoll
  2. It was created 2-3 million years ago
  3. Niue is just one island
  4. It takes around two hours to drive around the entire island
  5. It has some of the clearest waters in the world because no rivers or streams run off into the ocean
  6. There is a prison on the island’s golf course
  7. Niue is one of the last countries in the world to see the sunset
  8. Niue has no traffic lights

For more information on some of these facts, see the 10 Fun Facts About Niue and How Was Niue Formed? The Geology of Niue Island.

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Fun Facts About the Culture

Niue is home to a warm and welcoming group of people called Niueans. They have their own set of local customs, which you’ll learn about not only in our Niue Local Customs Guide but through some amazing tours on the island. But for a few things to learn about the people of Niue, here’s a quick list of fun facts!

Fun Facts About the Niuean Language and Culture

  1. There are more Niueans living outside of Niue than in Niue
  2. Niuean is an endangered language with only approximately 7,000 people speaking it
  3. People in the north of the island speak differently from people who live in the south
  4. Niue used to have a Pokemon and a Star Wars currency
  5. Niue has the highest number of politicians per capita
  6. Niueans are classed as New Zealand citizens.

Learn more about the people and culture in The Guide to the Niuean Culture for Travellers and Who are the People of Niue? Ethnicity, Population & More.

Fun Facts About Niue for Kids(c)

Fun Facts About the Niue Wildlife

From crabs that climb trees to random animals that have been quarantined on the island, Niue has some interesting facts when it comes to wildlife. Just take a look…

Fun Facts About the Wildlife in Niue

  1. Niue is one of the only countries where you can swim with humpback whales
  2. Niue has a type of crab that can climb trees. It’s bright blue and called an “uga
  3. You can catch sailfish, wahoo, mahimahi and yellowfin tuna just 100 m (330 ft) from shore, which is usually unheard of
  4. There used to be an elephant on the island
  5. There was a mysterious duck on the island that no one knew where it came from. It was called Trevor and it needed the Niue Fire Service to fill up its puddle when it dried out. Trevor is no longer with us due to an unfortunate encounter with a dog
  6. Niue is home to the world’s cleanest bees, free from diseases!

Learn more about Niue’s wildlife in A Traveller’s Guide to Wildlife in Niue.

More Fun Facts About Niue for Kids

That’s it for our list of fun facts about Niue for kids, but the funniest of facts are those that you learn on holiday. Check out the below articles to learn more about making your island trip a reality:

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