10 Things To Do in Niue with Kids
10 Things To Do in Niue with Kids

10 Things to Do in Niue with Kids

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Family-Friendly Activities in Niue

Welcome to a family holiday in the South Pacific that’s unlike the rest. Niue is the world’s largest raised coral atoll and with that, it’s a natural playground. From short walks leading to sheltered lagoons with crystal clear waters to educational tours about Pacific wildlife, there’s a vast and varied array of family-friendly activities. The small island, with a population of 1,600 and only around 160-180 tourists at a time, is certainly a peaceful destination where you’ll often find swimming spots and walking trails all to yourselves. And don’t worry, there’s even the opportunity to get in some all-essential pool time. Start creating your Niue bucket list for your family getaway with this list of things to do in Niue with kids!

For more family travel advice, be sure to head over to The Guide to Niue for Families.

1. Have a Swim at the Limu Pools

One of the best swimming spots for families is the gorgeous Limu Pools. After a short descent down a well-formed sea track, emerge at a sheltered cove ideal for swimming. The main pool is the safest for swimming, which best enjoyed at half-to-full incoming tide, but parents with infants and toddlers will enjoy the pools at their shallowest at low tide. There is a short track leading to another pool but beware of the strong rip at full tide.

Location: West coast of Niue, just north of Namukulu Village

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2. Watch Whales and Dolphins from the Lookouts

Seeing pods of dolphins leap across the surface is an almost daily occurrence for many keeping an eye on the water! Between July and September/October, humpback whales and their calves can also be seen playing on the surface, sometimes even breaching! While many clifftop accommodations, like the Scenic Matavai Resort (which has binoculars for guests) and Kaliki Lodge, offer fantastic whale and dolphin watching, you’ll also find the best whale-watching sites signposted along the west coast of the island. Just so you know, most of the binoculars provided at the whale watching lookouts around the island are out of order, making them only useful for fun picture opportunities!

Location: Check out the 10 Places to Spot Whales in Niue for locations

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3. Visit a Niuean School

See what a school is like in the South Pacific and get some cultural insights from other children at a Niue Primary School in Palati. Every Friday morning at 8.45am, visitors are invited to their morning assembly where they perform cultural song and dance.

Location: The primary school next to the Niue High School, approximately 1.5km (one mile) from Alofi. From Alofi, turn off at the Police Station

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4. Explore Caves and Snorkel with Fish at the Talava Arches

An exciting mission for older kids who have their footing, the Talava Arches Sea Track takes you to a magnificent coastal arch with limestone caves and a safe swimming channel. The track through the coastal forest takes approximately 30 minutes one way and requires sturdy footwear for the rocky trail. The final portion of the walk has you scrambling in a limestone cave with ropes to aid you. At the end of the trail, you’ll emerge at a grand cave opening looking out to a huge coastal arch. The channel below provides safe swimming around low tide along with a few coral displays. Be careful to not damage the coral. For more walks to enjoy with kids, see the 8 Best Sea Tracks & Places to Swim in Niue for Kids.

Location: Northern coast of Niue, north of Namakulu Village and opposite the Matapa Chasm walk

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5. Play Some Clifftop Mini-Golf

Yes, even in Niue, you can rely on mini golf for some fun family downtime! What’s more, this mini-golf course has have one of the most unique locations, atop a 30m cliff! Meander along 18 holes nestled in coastal bush on this family-friendly golf course. Once the battle is won, relax with a milkshake at the on-site Vaiolama Cafe! Learn more about the Niue golf courses in The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue.

Location: Vaiolama Cafe, Alofi South

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6. Get in Some Pool Time

Let’s be honest, kids love time at the pool. While Niue isn’t exactly an island brimming with resorts and pools, there are a few accommodations that offer outdoor swimming pools should you want to make it a holiday priority. Accommodations in Niue with swimming pools include the Scenic Matavai Resort, Scenic Matavai Apartments & VillasNamukulu Cottages and Taloa Heights.

Location: All around Niue

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7. Learn How to Survive in the Wild on Misa’s Nature Tour

Misa’s Nature Tour is an informative tour for all ages! This highly informative and hands-on tour is run by Misa, a Niuean who grew up living and surviving off the local forest. It’s also one of the best cultural bush tours in Niue for kids due to the length of the tour (approximately two hours) and the easy short walk through the bush. Learn how to make fire, try coconut through its different stages of life, see traditional cooking tools and weapons, and meet the forest-dwellers, such as the uga (coconut crab) and flying foxes!

Location: Find Misa’s Tour just 1.5km (one mile) from Alofi, along the Alofi-Liku Road, opposite the Niue High School

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8. Learn About Uga, Coconuts and Weaving at One of the Scenic Matavai’s Entertainment Sessions

Niue’s one and only resort has a daily entertainment program to liven up your downtime. The Scenic Matavai Resort hosts cultural sessions for guests and casual visitors alike. On Monday, learn to weave with the women of Niue between 10am and 12pm. Tuesday is coconut husking at the pool bar at 5.30pm. Wednesday is an uga presentation where kids have the opportunity to hold a coconut crab (5.30pm at the pool bar). Thursday, Friday and Sunday are themed dinner evenings with cultural entertainment. Bookings are essential! Dates and times are subject to change so be sure to get the latest entertainment schedule from the Scenic Matavai Resort or the Niue Tourist Information Centre.

Location: Scenic Matavai Resort on the southwest coast of Niue in Tamakautoga

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9. Have an Ice Cream in Alofi

And finally, at the end of a day of exploring the “Rock of the Pacific”, a nice reward is a refreshing ice cream or a slushie at the Commercial Centre in Alofi. Just out the back of the Commercial Centre is Slush [CLOSED], selling an array of colourful and creative slushies and frappes in many flavours. Alternatively, ice creams are for sale in Double M, which during our last visit, were cheaper than in New Zealand! The Commercial Centre also has a children’s playground should the little ones have more energy to burn. For more things to do in Alofi, see the 10 Things To Do in Alofi with Kids.

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[CLOSED] Treat the Kids (and Yourselves) to an Educational Kids’ Club

[Update: There is no longer a kids’ club available in Niue. This page will be updated if one becomes available].

It’s their holiday too, so treat them to a fun and educational experience learning about and seeing amazing marine life at the Reef Watch Kids Club with Buccaneer Adventures. The kids club offers two different sessions, one including a low tide reef walk and the other taking them to explore Avaiki Cave. The minimum age is six years old and a minimum of two children are needed for trips to go ahead. Alternatively, Buccaneer Adventures also offers a children’s scuba diving course for ages eight years and over. Learn more about scuba diving, for the kids and yourselves, in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Niue.

Location: On the southwest coast of Niue in Tamakautoga, next door to the Scenic Matavai Resort

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