The Ultimate Guide to the Niue Nightlife©
The Ultimate Guide to the Niue Nightlife

The Ultimate Guide to Niue Nightlife


What You Need to Know About Nightlife in Niue

Niue is an island full of surprises. Despite being one of the least populated countries in the world, it still has its places to party!

That’s right, Niue is an island where your evenings are filled with variety, from relaxing sundowners to dancing the night away. Not only does the island have some fantastic bars serving fresh fruit cocktails, as well as entertainment evenings in the form of Niuean buffets, shows, etc., but if you’re looking to dance, karaoke and even have a swing around the pole (yes, really), then Niue has its spots and we’re about to share them with you.

Get tips and advice for nightlife entertainment in Niue, in all its forms (not just drinking) with this guide to Niue nightlife.

5 Tips for Nightlife and Partying in Niue

Before we get into our guide to nightlife in Niue, here are some quick tips first!

  1. The legal drinking age in Niue is 18 years old
  2. The best and busiest days for going out in Niue is Thursday (it’s the last day of work for government workers) and Saturday (for the 18-30 crowd)
  3. Some bars in Niue have a cover charge (usually around NZ$5)
  4. If you’re going out for dinner and/or drinks, expect eateries to start closing shop by 8:30/9 pm
  5. Niue is typically a very safe place to go out no matter who you are, but don’t leave all of your commonsense precautions at home.

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Nightlife in Alofi (and Niue)

When it comes to bars and clubs, Niue has a surprising variety of experiences for such a small island – most of which are in or surround the main town, Alofi. From delicious cocktails to refreshing beers, drinks are aplenty, so here’s a quick overview of where to find Niue’s best watering holes.

Note that schedules are subject to change, so we highly recommend you pick up a weekly schedule from the Visitor Information Centre on arrival – find out more in Opening Hours in Niue: Odd Hours, Tide Times & Things to Know.

The Best Speciality Bars in Niue

If your favourite drinks are cocktails and craft beer, you’re in luck in Niue. All Relativf (Swanson Complex) is the island’s dedicated cocktail bar open most days from 2 pm. If craft beer or cider is more your thing, head down to Avi’s Ark (behind Kaiika, Alofi) for their creative range of craft beer and cider on tap.

The Best Bars for Dancing and Karaoke

Niue has its places to party into the wee hours. Thursday nights come alive at Avi’s Ark (behind Kaiika, Alofi) with karaoke followed by dancing – they even have a pole! Karaoke is from 6 am to 9 am and disco is from 9 am to 12 am (or more like things happen when they happen).

Niue’s “nightclub” can be found at the Alofi Rugby Club (next to the school, Alofi), commonly known as “Club House“. Pick up your favourites from their well-stocked bar and hit the dancefloor with the locals. Saturday from 7 pm onwards.

Pacific Way Bar (Alofi South) has the occasional local entertainment and karaoke night, so keep an eye on their Facebook Page or local chatter. Clayton’s Bar (Alofi South) nearby also has the occasional party night on its cool hexagonal dancefloor.

The Best Bars for Sundowners and Evening Entertainment

This is where timing is everything in Niue, as some bars have their “happy hour” nights just once a week. For instance, enjoy island tunes from a local DJ, cocktails, beer, wine and good food at the Vaiolama Cafe (Alofi) at their Thursday night happy hour event from 5 pm. Friday night is happy hour night at the Hio Cafe & Bar (Tuapa), also from 5 pm. And on Sunday, help yourself at the honesty bar at the Washaway Cafe (Avatele), open from 11 am until everyone goes home.

The Best Bars for Sports and Social

Join the Saturday ritual of drinks with the locals at the Lawn Bowls Club (across from Swansons) with their 4 pm BBQ, then go over to the Niue Golf & Sports Club (next to Lawn Bowls) after 5 pm for their cheap bar drinks, lively chatter and watching the local darts.

If you want to watch whatever big game is happening while you’re in Niue, the best place to usually watch it is at All Relativf (Swanson Complex). The Scenic Matavai Resort (Tamakautoga) also sometimes puts games on the big screen if it doesn’t clash with their entertainment schedule.

More Bars and Happy Hours in Niue

The above listings just scratch the surface of the awesome drinking holes Niue has to offer, so get the full details of each bar listed above and many others in the 11 Best Bars in Niue. We also list some of the current happy hours in When is Happy Hour? (A List of All the Happy Hours in Niue).

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Entertainment Evenings in Niue

There’s always something happening on a night in Niue, whether it’s drinking with the locals at one of the bars open exclusively for one night a week or heading to one of the Niuean-themed buffets.

Niuean Buffets and Shows

Try authentic Niuean dishes (like the ones listed in the 10 Unique Foods in Niue You Have to Try) along with the entertainment of Polynesian dancing and live music at one of Niue’s fantastic entertainment evenings. Note that schedules are subject to change, so we highly recommend you pick up a weekly schedule from the Visitor Information Centre on arrival – find out more in Opening Hours in Niue: Odd Hours, Tide Times & Things to Know.

The Scenic Matavai Resort‘s Dolphin Restaurant (Tamakautoga) hosts an Umu Buffet and Cultural Performance on Friday evenings. A variety of Niuean meals are cooked in an underground oven known as an umu. The experience also has live local music, Polynesian dancers and fire dancers. Bookings are essential for this event which starts around 6 pm.

Make sure you are booked in for the Wednesday buffet night at Manuiz (Alofi)! Enjoy affordable drinks at the bar in the lead-up to the unveiling of the “umu” buffet awash in Niuean staples. To top it all off, the night is accompanied by the relaxing island tunes of a local string band.

Finally, check out Lilo’s Restaurant (Hakupu) open just once a fortnight for their special event offering, arguably, the most variety of Niuean delicacies on the island. We’re talking uga (coconut crab), crayfish, lupe (Pacific pigeon), peka (flying fox), spitroast pork, takihi, taro, ota ika and oh so much more!

Learn more about the restaurants in Niue in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

Scenic Matavai Resort’s Entertainment Evenings (Sample)

Evenings at Niue’s only resort go well beyond its Friday night buffet! Their program of entertainment goes something similar to the following:

  • Monday, local band entertainment, from 5 pm
  • Tuesday, coconut husking demonstration, 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday, uga presentation, 5:30 pm
  • Friday, umu buffet and entertainment, 6 pm
  • Sunday, smoked barbecue, 6 pm.

Again, schedules are subject to change, so we highly recommend you pick up a weekly schedule from the Visitor Information Centre or Scenic Matavai reception on arrival – find out more in Opening Hours in Niue: Odd Hours, Tide Times & Things to Know.

The Ultimate Guide to the Niue Nightlife(c) Niue Tourism

Other Things to Do at Night

From community events to simply a cafe being open for one day a week is an event in Niue! Here are some other noteworthy things to do on an evening in Niue.

Eatery Events That Happen Once a Week (Sample)

While you might be able to dine at these restaurants for lunch throughout the week, some eateries in Niue are only open exclusively for one night a week, making the atmosphere all the more special. Some evening restaurants also have specials that only happen once a week.

  • Hio Cafe & Bar – Happy hour on Friday
  • Vaiolama Cafe – Happy hour and live entertainment on Thursday
  • Crow’s Nest – Cake night on Sunday
  • Washaway Cafe – Open until everyone goes home on Sunday
  • Fusion Flava’s – Food truck from 12 to 2 pm Sunday
  • Makfurly Burger – Niue Market on Friday
  • Crazy Uga Cafe – Burgers/fish and chips night on Wednesday
  • Fana Cafe – Fana Mac Burger on a Friday
  • Manuiz – Niuean buffet on Wednesday.

Note, schedules are subject to change, so we highly recommend you pick up a weekly schedule from the Visitor Information Centre on arrival – find out more in Opening Hours in Niue: Odd Hours, Tide Times & Things to Know.

Late Night Shopping

Throughout the high season until the end of December, the Alofi Commercial Centre has stayed open in recent years in the evenings for “Late Night Shopping”. Shops in Niue’s little shopping hub stay open until 8 pm. There is sometimes additional entertainment happening in the centre, such as live music. It makes for an uplifting community feel!

Check out yearly events also in The Top Events & Festivals in Niue.

Niue Organic Market

For an awesome foodie experience growing organic produce and picking up street food, head to the Niue Organic Market on the first Thursday of the month. The event is in the Niue Market building from 4 pm.

For more night activities in Niue, including uga hunting, stargazing and more, check out the 10 Things to Do in Niue at Night.

More About Niue Nightlife

Now that you know about the best bars, nightclubs and nightlife entertainment, check out other activities you could be getting up to after dark with the following articles:

Finally, you might also be interested in a more “child-free” holiday, as outlined in The Child-Free (Adults-Only) Travel Guide to Niue.


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