The Ultimate Guide to the Niue Nightlife
The Ultimate Guide to the Niue Nightlife

The Ultimate Guide to the Niue Nightlife


Nightlife in Niue

Leave your glowsticks and vodka at home, Niue is not a party island. What it is, however, is an island where your evenings are filled with variety, from relaxation to adventure. One night you could be gazing at some of the clearest night skies in the world and the next you could be searching for uga (coconut crabs). But if you’re looking for some “classic” nightlife, Niue has a bit of that too, with some fantastic bars serving fresh fruit cocktails, as well as entertainment evenings in the form of Niuean buffets, shows, etc. If you’re going out for dinner and/or drinks, however, expect eateries to start closing up shop by 8/9pm. Get more tips and advice for things to do on an evening in Niue with this guide to the Niue nightlife.

Things to Do in Niue at Night

Before we jump into the nightlife of Niue, here are just some ways you can make the most of your nights in Niue:

For elaboration and more ideas, head to the 10 Things to Do in Niue at Night.

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Bars in Niue

Forget about nightclubs and partying until 4am. There’s none of that in Niue. That isn’t to say that Niue doesn’t have anywhere to have a drink, as a sunset tipple is all part of the Niue experience! From delicious cocktails to refreshing beers, drinks are aplenty in Niue, so here’s a quick overview on where to find Niue’s best watering holes.

Bars in Niue

  • All Relativf, Swanson Shopping Centre
  • Hio Cafe & Bar, Tuapa
  • Pool Bar @ Scenic Matavai Resort, Tamakautoga
  • Vaiolama Cafe & Bar, Alofi (open Thursday nights for drinks only)
  • Washaway Cafe, Avatele (open Sundays only)
  • Pacific Way Bar, Alofi (open Thursday/Friday only)
  • Clayton’s Bar, Alofi (open Thursday only)
  • Runway Bar, Hanan Airport
  • Matapa Bar, Hikutavake (open Wednesday only)

Get more details on what each bar has to offer in the 9 Best Bars in Niue.

Happy Hours

If you’re looking for discounted drinks, these are the bars in Niue with a happy hour:

  • Scenic Matavai Resort – Daily, 5-6pm
  • All Relativf – Monday to Saturday, 4-6pm
  • Hio Cafe & Bar – Friday, 5-6pm
  • Vaiolama Cafe & Bar – Thursday, 4-6.30pm
  • Pacific Way Bar – Thursday to Friday, 4-5pm
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Entertainment Evenings in Niue

There’s always something happening on a night in Niue, whether it’s drinking with the locals at one of the bars open exclusively for one night a week or heading to one of the Niuean-themed buffets complete with Polynesian dancing.

Niuean Buffets and Shows

Try authentic Niuean dishes (like the ones listed in the 8 Unique Foods in Niue You Have to Try) along with the entertainment of Polynesian dancing and live music at one of Niue’s fantastic entertainment evenings.

The Scenic Matavai Resort‘s Dolphin Restaurant hosts a Spit Roast and Umu buffet on Thursdays evenings. A variety of Niuean meals are cooked in an underground oven known as an umu. The experience also has live local music, Polynesian dancers and fire dancers. Bookings are essential for this event that starts around 6.30pm.

Also on Thursday nights, the Hio Cafe & Bar in Tuapa puts on an “Umu Kai Buffet” with a wide range of local dishes to try to the sound of local musicians. The event starts around 6.30pm. Bookings must be made before Wednesday midday.

For your Niuean cuisine fix in Alofi, head to Jenna’s Restaurant on a Tuesday evening. They put on a Pasifika buffet and show for you to get a real taste of the Pacific. The event starts at 7.30pm and bookings are essential.

Learn more about the restaurants in Niue in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

Scenic Matavai Resort’s Entertainment Evenings

Evenings at Niue’s only resort go well beyond its Thursday night buffet. Their program of entertainment goes something similar to the following (note that schedules can change):

  • Tuesday, coconut husking demonstration, 5.30pm
  • Wednesday, uga presentation, 5.30pm
  • Thursday, spit roast and umu night, 6.30pm
  • Friday, Taste of Niue barbecue, 6pm
  • Sunday, burgers and beer night, 6pm
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Other Things to Do at Night

From community events to simply a cafe being open for one day a week is an event in Niue! Here are some other noteworthy things to do on an evening in Niue.

Eateries that Open One Night a Week

While you might be able to dine at these restaurants for lunch throughout the week, some eateries in Niue are only open exclusively for one night a week, making the atmosphere all the more special.

Note that some night opening hours are only available in the high season.

  • Hio Cafe & Bar – Night Umu Kai Buffet on Thursdays and Happy Hour on Fridays
  • Vaiolama Cafe – Open until 8pm on Thursdays
  • Crazy Uga Cafe & Bar – Spit Roast or burger nights on Wednesdays
  • Washaway Cafe – Open until everyone goes home on Sundays
  • Tavana Cafe – Burget night on Saturdays
  • Fusion Flava’s – Open until 10pm on Fridays
  • Ranfurly Friday Night Burger – Open in the Niue Market on Fridays

Late Night Shopping

Throughout the high season until the end of December, the Alofi Commercial Centre has stayed open in recent years on the evenings for “Late Night Shopping”. Shops in Niue’s little shopping hub stay open until 8pm. There is sometimes additional entertainment happening in the centre, such as live music. It makes for an uplifting community feel!

Niue Organic Market

For an awesome foodie experience growing organic produce and picking up street food, head to the Niue Organic Market on the first Friday of the month. The event is in the Niue Market building starting at 5pm.

For night activities in Niue, check out the 10 Things to Do in Niue at Night.


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