The Best Guided Snorkelling Tours in Niue
The Best Guided Snorkelling Tours in Niue

The Best Guided Snorkelling Tours in Niue [2023]


Niue Snorkelling Tours

Niue is arguably one of the best snorkelling destinations in the South Pacific. Not only can you access coral reefs directly from shore, but there are also a couple of guided tours available to help you make the most of Niue’s underwater world. Guided snorkelling tours take you by boat to places that very few visitors get to experience, meaning the marine life is more abundant and undisturbed. What’s more, the island of Niue has little-to-no surface runoff, making the underwater world vividly clear with visibility between 30 to 80m (100 to 262ft). Find out more about how you can enjoy guided snorkelling tours in Niue with the list of operators below.

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4 Quick Tips for Snorkelling Tours in Niue

  1. All guided snorkelling tours include snorkelling gear and wetsuits for buoyancy. However, if you have your own snorkelling gear it’s usually best to bring them along for a better fit
  2. Snorkelling tours are subject to sea conditions
  3. The minimum age requirement for snorkelling tours is typically eight years old
  4. All of Niue’s snorkelling tours include the opportunity to swim with dolphins.
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Niue Blue

Offering snorkelling tours from Alofi and Avatele (depending on the conditions), Niue Blue, formerly Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive, is easy to access from most of the island’s holiday accommodations.

Their snorkelling tour starts with a coastal tour learning about Niue and its hidden gems. You’re then taken out to one of Niue’s best snorkel spots only accessed by boat with a huge variety of fish and hard corals. You’ll have an experienced in-water guide to support you, take photos and point out the amazing marine life.

The 2 to 3-hour experience also includes in-water interactions with spinner dolphins if the opportunity arises before and/or after snorkelling. Two swimmers get in the water at a time, being towed alongside the inflatable boat to see the dolphins in action. Find out more in The Guide to Swimming with Dolphins in Niue.

Additionally, the tour includes snorkelling gear including wetsuits, safety equipment, sun protection and water. They also have the added safety of propeller guards on their boats.

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The Best Guided Snorkelling Tours in Niue(c)

[CLOSED] Magical Niue Sea Adventures

Update: Magical Niue Sea Adventures is now operated by Niue Blue (see above). 

Join Magical Niue Sea Adventures for one of their amazing snorkelling tours starting at their base in Alofi North.

One of the experiences on offer is their snorkelling tour, which is three hours long. Your destination is a snorkelling spot on the coast only accessible by boat, known as the “Belly of the Whale”. Snorkelling into this huge chasm with an abundance of colourful reef fish and coral.

While boating out to the snorkelling spot, you are given the opportunity to swim with spinner dolphins should the opportunity arise (using the same technique as Niue Blue).

An alternative snorkelling trip offered with Magical Niue is their underwater scooter tours. This tour lasts up to two hours using Seadoos that have three different speeds to have you exploring Niue’s snorkelling spots faster, further and deeper. Trips can either be done from shore or from the boat.

Finally out of Magical Niue’s box of toys are subwings, an alternative for high-speed snorkelling.

All snorkelling tours include snorkelling gear including wetsuits.

Magical Niue Sea Adventures is open all year round.

More About Guided Snorkelling Tours in Niue

That’s it for our guide to guided snorkelling tours in Niue. If you’re interested in snorkelling tours, you might also be interested in these experiences:

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