How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue
How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue

How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue


How to Get a Niue SIM Card

Need to stay connected in Niue? While we recommend connecting more with nature and the local culture than with your social media, we get that some of us have a good reason for wanting to keep in touch with the outside world. Due to the fact that there is no network roaming available in Niue, those wishing to use their phone in Niue need to get a Niue SIM card. Find out how in this guide on how to get a tourist SIM card in Niue.

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A Note About Your Phone’s Compatability

Not all phones are compatible with Telecom Niue’s 4G VoLTE mobile network. Phones must accept networks that run on Band 28 700Mhz in order to make calls and texts and receive 4G internet. If your phone is not compatible with the local network, then visitor MIFI rentals are available, giving you a portable WiFi hotspot connected to Niue’s 4G network. It can connect up to 10 devices.

For alternative options for accessing the internet, see What is the Best Way to Get Internet in Niue? Plus, don’t forget to bring your travel adapter to charge your phone (if you’re not from New Zealand or Australia).

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Where to Purchase a SIM Card in Niue

SIM cards are available to buy from the Telecom Niue kiosk at Hanan Airport on plane days. You can also purchase them from the Telecom Niue office found in the Commercial Centre of Alofi.

How to Top-Up Your SIM Card

To top-up your credit, either visit the Telecom Niue airport kiosk (plane days only) or the Telecom Niue office to top up in-store. Alternatively, top-up by either calling 015 or by using the Telecom Niue mobile app available on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Niue SIM Card Data Plans

Let’s be honest, most of us only really want to use our phone to access the internet. How else are you going to read while you’re on the go?

Telecom Niue offers a range of Visitor Data Plans, which are prepaid phone plans with a limited number of Mbs and Gbs. Their data plans and approximate prices are as follows (note that prices can change):

  • 1-Day Plan, 250Mb for around NZ$6
  • 30-Day Plan, 3Gb for around NZ$32
  • 30-Day Plan, 7Gb for around NZ$52
  • 30-Day Plan, 11Gb for around NZ$78

Visitor MIFI rental is NZ$100 including an NZ$50 refundable bond paid on return of the MIFI device.

For more options for accessing the internet in Niue, read our guide at How to Get Internet in Niue. For tips on finding WiFi, see Where to Get WiFi in Niue.

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Niue SIM Call and Text Plans

Sure, many tours in Niue only accept bookings over the phone, while you might want to make calls and texts back to New Zealand or Australia. For this, you have a few options…

  • 30-Day AU/NZ Lite Plan, 60 mins and 20 texts for around NZ$12
  • 30 Day AU/NZ Heavy Plan, 60 mins and 60 texts for around NZ$52
  • 7-Day Plan, 2Gb, 30 mins local/international calls, 30 texts for around NZ$52
  • 14-Day Plan, 4Gb, 40 mins local/international calls, 40 texts for around NZ$73

Note that international calls and texts are only for phone numbers in Australia, New Zealand and Niue. Plus, prices can change.

More About Tourist SIM Cards in Niue

That’s it for how to get a tourist SIM card in Niue. Now check out The Complete Travel Guide to Niue and the 31 Tips for Travelling in Niue for even more essential Niue advice.


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