How to Book Tours in Niue
How to Book Tours in Niue

How to Book Tours in Niue


Booking Activities in Niue

Niue is a little old school. You won’t find activities available to book on TripAdvisor or Viator, you very rarely find activity providers with websites, and they rarely provide email addresses, let alone check them. So how do you book tours in Niue?

Niue’s activities can be booked directly with tour operators over the phone. But with no international roaming in Niue, that poses another problem. Luckily, accommodations and the Visitor Information Centre are able to book tours for you or you could make use of landlines in some resort rooms (yes, that’s still a thing) or get yourself a Niue SIM card. Then there’s always the travel agents. We’ll go into detail on all those ways to book an activity in Niue.

Quick Tips for Booking a Tour in Niue

  • If booking a tour over the phone from overseas, make sure you check the Niue time zone to see if you are calling at a reasonable time
  • It is not necessary to book tours super in advance, usually at least two to three days in advance is enough, but…
  • … If booking tours when you’re in Niue, make all of your bookings on your first day so you’re less likely to encounter tours that are fully booked
  • Almost no tours operate on Sunday, especially boat tours
  • Most tour operators only accept cash as payment. However, you may be able to pay by card if booking through the Visitor Information Centre and certain accommodations.
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Booking Tours Over the Phone

In most cases, the only information tour operators in Niue provide for contacting them is a phone number. Yes, those four-digit numbers are phone numbers! This is often the only way to book direct with tour operators.

The Niue Dial Code

You might want to consider booking tours by calling overseas before you arrive in Niue. The reason being, Niue does not have international roaming, so if you don’t plan on getting a SIM card in Niue or just prefer to book in advance, then it’s best to call from overseas. The dialling code for Niue is +683, so put this dialling code before the phone number you wish to call.

Getting a Niue SIM Card

So that you can make calls using your phone in Niue, get a Niue SIM card. Telecom Niue is the sole network in Niue, which has a kiosk at Hanan Airport on arrival and a store in the Commerical Centre in Alofi so you can purchase a SIM card and phone plan. See How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue for more advice.

Using Landlines

Some of Niue’s accommodations have landline phones, such as the Scenic Matavai Resort and the Stone Villas, for instance. In this case, you can call local tour operators from a landline without using the Niue dialling code.

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Booking Tours Through Your Accommodation

Accommodations are more than happy to book tours for you in Niue. The general rule of thumb is that accommodation with staff at reception will be able to book tours for you on your behalf. Holiday homes typically don’t offer this service, but it doesn’t hurt to ask when booking your accommodation.

Check out some of the accommodation in Niue in the 10 Best Hotels & Resorts in Niue and Where to Stay in Niue.

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Booking Tours Through the Visitor Information Centre

The Niue Tourism Visitor Information Centre is located on the main road in Alofi next to the Niue Market. They can book tours for you on your behalf and can even take payment for you, as they have a card machine (EFTPOS) that many tour operators don’t have access to, giving you an alternative way to pay than cash. The visitor centre can give advice on a range of tours. They are a government organisation, so do not have a vested interest in promoting one tour over the other (in theory).

Their opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

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Websites and Facebook

Very few activity providers in Niue have their own website where you can make bookings, typically via email. Where they don’t have websites, some activity providers have Facebook Pages where you can send a direct message to the tour operator to enquire about bookings.

It’s always worth a quick “Google” to see who is available to contact online, especially if wishing to book from overseas. If wanting to connect to the internet in Niue, see What is the Best Way to Get Internet in Niue?

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Travel Agencies

Finally, for organising your trip hassle-free before you arrive in Niue, you can book tours with a travel agency. While travel agencies can organise bookings for your entire trip to Niue for you, note that you tend to pay a little extra for the privilege. Below is a list of travel agents selling travel products for Niue.

Travel Agents in Niue

Peleni’s Travel – Located in the Swanson Shopping Complex between Hanan Airport and Alofi.
Explore Niue – Located in Halamahaga, Alofi (behind the Falala Fa Cafe)

Travel Agents in New Zealand

Flight Centre, Hello World Travel, House of Travel, Mondo Travel, Our Pacific, Travel&co., World Travellers, YOU Travel and Peleni’s Travel.

Travel Agents in Australia

Dive Adventures, Allways Dive Expeditions, Hideaway Holidays, Adventure World, Spacifica Travel and Omniche Holidays.

Travel Agents in the US

Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Travel Agents in Europe

Talpacific Holidays United Kingdom


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