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7 Best Nature Tours in Niue

8 Best Nature Tours in Niue

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Amazing Niuean Nature Tours

Ever wondered what it takes to live on a remote tropical island in the South Pacific? Want to learn more about the fascinating wildlife, their rainforest habitat, how locals cultivate the land, or simply enjoy seeing tropical gardens? If you think “yes” to any of those questions, then it looks like you need a Niue nature tour in your life! Luckily, there are plenty of amazing nature tours in Niue to choose from, whether you want more of a focus on bush survival, learning about uga (coconut crabs), how to grow tropical plants or something else. Check out some of the top nature tours that Niue has to offer in the list below!

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How to Book Tours in Niue

Tours in Niue aren’t always easy to find with a quick “Google”, so how do you book tours in Niue? You can book tours on arrival to the island at the Visitor Information Centre or the reception of your accommodation such as the Scenic Matavai Resort. Tour companies can also be contacted over the phone or via Facebook Messenger. Find out more about booking tours in How to Book Tours in Niue. We also go into tour prices in our guide Niue Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Niue Cost?

1. Ebony Rainforest Tour

Join local ebony carver and rainforest expert, Jack, as you venture through the ancient Pacific rainforest of the Huvalu Forest. Learn how Niueans gather traditional food, drink from vines and medicines, delve into limestone caves very few visitors get to explore, and see some impressive buttress, banyan and ebony trees along the way. Ask lots of questions and soak up the wealth of knowledge Jack has about this impressive and lesser-visited part of Niue. Again, more tour details can be found in the 6 Best Guided Tours in Niue.

Location: Tours depart from Hakupu – look out for the blue “ebony carving” sign at the southern entrance to the village. Otherwise, transfers are available from Alofi and the Scenic Matavai Resort.

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2. Snorkelling Tour with Niue Blue

Get to those hard-to-reach snorkelling spots with more biodiversity than the snorkelling spots accessed from shore on a snorkelling tour with Niue Blue. Their snorkelling tour starts with a short coastal tour learning about Niue, its history and its hidden gems. You’re then taken out to one of Niue’s best snorkel spots only accessed by boat with a huge variety of fish and hard corals, as well as the opportunity to see more diversity in marine species than you’ll find at the tourist hotspots, such as reef sharks, turtles and katuali (sea snakes). The 2 to 3-hour experience also includes in-water interactions with spinner dolphins if the opportunity arises before and/or after snorkelling.

Niue Blue also offer whale tours during the season – find out more in The Best Guided Snorkelling Tours in Niue and The Best Whale Tours in Niue.

Location: Just south of Tamakautoga, next to the Scenic Matavai Resort, southwest coast of Niue.

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3. Taue Uga Tours

Culture and nature combine on this uga hunting tour with Taue Uga Tours. Starting from Avatele, your guide from the Mokalei family will take you into their ancestral forest on one of two tours available (or both for the full experience). There is a day tour, which is an uga baiting experience where you’ll set up coconut baits to draw out the uga. There is also the night tour, in which you’ll get to see the result of the coconut baits. Both offer the opportunity to see uga, but the night tour is when they are most active. The relaxed tour gets you learning about and exploring Niue’s stunning rainforest and its inhabitants. Tours last approximately 1 hr 30 mins to 3 hours.

See more cultural tours like this in the 5 Best Culture Tours in Niue. For more tips on how to prepare for the tour, check out the 6 Best Guided Tours in Niue.

Location: Tours depart from Avatele at the cenotaph just above the road access to Avatele Beach, southwest coast of Niue.

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4. A5 Plantation Tour

Join Tony from A5 Plantation Tours for a 4WD tour through a verdant bush garden, as well as a short walk into the rainforest and uga habitat. You’ll learn through listening, seeing and tasting on this laidback tour about subsistence living. Learn how locals cultivate the land with staple crops like taro, cassava, kumara, pawpaw, banana, watermelon, passionfruit, coconut and more. You’ll also get hands-on experience holding an uga. The tour lasts for approximately two hours and is located in Mutalau. Again, more tour details can be found in the 6 Best Guided Tours in Niue.

Location: You’ll need to make your way to Tony’s home in Mutalau on the northeastern side of Niue where tours depart. Follow signs for “A5 Tours” north of Mutalau village green.

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5. Niue Vanilla Tour

Niue is a producer of pure organic vanilla that is well worth digging a little deeper into with a vanilla tour. One of the fantastic vanilla tours available is with Niue Vanilla International. This 1-hour tour takes you around an organic vanilla plantation where you’ll learn about the many uses of this amazing plant. Visit between May and August, and you’ll see how flowers have to be hand-pollinated highlighting the care put into vanilla growing. You’ll also learn about how the vanilla beans are processed. Book this tour at the Niue Vanilla Shop on the main road in Alofi. Plus, see more foodie experiences like this in the 10 Best Foodie Experiences in Niue.

Location: The tour departs from the Niue Vanilla Store in Alofi town centre, opposite Utuko Reef, and includes transfers to the plantation.

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6. Maala Garden Tour

Witness the wonders of nature and tropical gardening on this special interest tour at the Maala Garden. Your guides, Doris and John, will show their passion project and the result of years of laborious love in their garden plantation full of food crops, trees, herbs, flowers and much much more. The casual (and very affordable, might we add?) tour concludes with a spread of the garden’s produce including fresh fruit, nuts and drinking coconuts.

Location: Along the Alofi-Liku Road around 10 km (6.2 mi) from Alofi – look out for the black and white sign (if you reach the 60 sign beside the house, you’ve gone too far).

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7. Whale Tour with Whale Swim Niue

Between July and September, humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to Niue’s tropical waters, providing adventurous nature lovers the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants. Whale Swim Niue, also operating as Fish Niue Charters and Explore Niue, is licensed and equipped to do just that on a private charter.

Join your skipper, BJ Rex, who will share the whales’ fascinating history in Niue, as well as assess the conditions for whale watching and even swimming for the best interaction possible (while following Niue’s whale swimming guidelines, of course). Meanwhile, your guide, Vanessa, has an ocean research background and a wealth of knowledge to complete your Niuean marine experience! The tours are available morning and afternoon and last approximately four hours. Learn more about the whale season in The Guide to Whale Watching & Swimming in Niue.

Location: Tours depart from Alofi Wharf, Alofi, central west coast of Niue.

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8. Scuba Diving with Niue Blue

Finally, Niue Blue is also a fully PADI-affiliated dive shop in Niue. They provide Discover Scuba (Try Dives), double morning and single afternoon dives, as well as night dives, so there’s something for everyone to discover about the fascinating nature that lies in Niue’s depths. They also offer a huge range of PADI dive courses, should you be keen to take up this infectious hobby. Learn more about Niue Blue’s scuba offerings in The Best Dive Shops & Operators in Niue.

Location: Just south of Tamakautoga, next to the Scenic Matavai Resort, southwest coast of Niue.

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[CLOSED] Misa’s Nature Tour

Learn about the miracles of nature on Misa’s Nature Tour. Your guide who grew up living in the Niuean forest and sleeping in caves teaches you how to survive off the land on his 2-hour tour. The tour just outside of Alofi opposite the Niue High School takes you on a short walk through the forest looking at traditional cooking and hunting tools, trying coconuts through their various life stages, and even learning how to make fire! You’ll likely visit some of the local forest-dwellers too, like uga and flying foxes. The tour ends by wandering a flower garden with plants used for medicinal remedies.

More About Nature Tours in Niue

That’s it for the best nature tours in Niue. For more ways to experience nature in Niue, take a look at the following guides:

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